While populations are relatively stable, as human populations grow, critical habitats are being fragmented. Bush babies are small African primates that have round eyes, big ears and get their name because of the crying noises they make that sound like crying babies.

However they do walk on the ground sometimes, either bipedally or on all fours. The Lesser bush baby is possibly one of the most widespread of the bush baby species. Kevin Outdoors Recommended for you. This article will give an overview of Bush Baby facts. Behavior. They will only spawn during the day, and like most other mobs; their spawning can be prevented by placing torches or other lighting blocks nearby to raise the light level above 7. 19:56 . 1 Products found.

South African galagos inhabit semi-arid woodlands, savanna woodlands, gallery forests, and the edges of wooded areas.

Bush Babies spawn naturally in jungle-type biomes in the Overworld. ("Southern lesser bush baby, South African galago Galago moholi", 2009) Biogeographic Regions; ethiopian. Also in the range are Sleepy Pods, playsets and more. Each Bush Baby comes alive in your hands with wiggling eyes and waggling ears – what’s more, they also come with their own accessories. This species is capable of short jumps from tree to tree when necessary. Bush Baby or Galago is an interesting cute primate with many amazing facts that one needs to know for a thorough study on this small animal. Little ones will love all our Bush Baby World toys! These groups may consist of an adult pair with or without young, two adult females plus infants or an adult female with young. Bush Baby facts.
Galagos are tree dwelling primates and are capable of leaping great distances, using flattened disks on their feet and hands as a way of grasping branches. Behavior and diet. Social Behavior. Bear Safety Part 1: Bear Behavior & Why Bears Attack - Duration: 19:56. Refine. The bush baby lives in small family groups of two to seven individuals. Behavior [edit | edit source] Bush Babies are melee mobs that will follow targets both on land and in water. Adult Size: up to 3 lbs Natural Range: Central Southern Africa.

It moves quadrupedally through the trees or bush. Its diet consists of fruit (like berries, figs), seeds, acacia gum, flowers, insects, slugs, and even reptiles and small birds.

Learn more about what AWF is doing to protect these tiny primates. native; Habitat. Choose from Bush Baby World Dreamstars, Shimmies and now the Blossoms and Scented Blossoms. Such groups spend the day sleeping together at the same site, but split up at night to forage.
South African galagos can be found at all levels of a forest …

75. They are often associated with Acacia trees, the exudates of which are dietary staple.