1. countable noun. A taxicab.

Cabs are here, means that the cabs /taxi just arrived, and everybody should be ready to go, but as always someone is not yet ready, and the phrase should be shout very loudly and aggressively, so everybody could hear it, thats "The cabs are here ". A cab is a taxi.

2. A Luton van has additional … (kæb ) Word forms: plural cabs. Top CABS abbreviation related to Telecom: Carrier Access Billing System 2. countable noun. The cab of a truck or train is the front part in which the driver sits . This phrase was first announced by Pauly D, from the Jersey Shore seires, when he shout it loudly, thats the cabs arrived but as usual no one was ready … Definition; CABS: Current Awareness in Biological Sciences: CABS: Child and Babysitting Safety (course; various organizations) CABS: Carrier Access Billing System: CABS: Columbus Area Boardgaming Society (Ohio) CABS: Center for Applied Biodiversity Science: CABS: Center for Applied Behavior Systems (Virginia Tech) CABS: Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: CABS Definition of 'cab'. 3. Telecom CABS abbreviation meaning defined here. What does CABS stand for in Telecom?

The covered compartment of a heavy vehicle or machine, such as a truck or locomotive, in which the operator or driver sits.