Cats are predators and hamsters are prey, so your cat’s instincts will tell it to kill the hamster. You aren't alone -- pet birds rank 3rd as the most popular pets in the world behind cats and dogs.But what if you already own a cat, a dog, or both? Do cats and birds get along?

A couple days ago, I saw this sweet, adorable cat up for adoption. Conflict between resident cats can be difficult to resolve. I really want to adopt her, but I'm worried about my bird. Do Cats Get Along with Reptiles (Snakes and Lizards)? This is the exception rather than the rule, though. But are they really? Cats and hamsters are natural enemies.

The lion may lie down with the lamb from time to time, but that’s not how the smart money bets on the interaction. We have two cats. Cats, Birds, and Fish .

There are just tons of questions out there about Bengal cats because it seems like many don’t quite feel safe with them because of their “wild heritage”. Pretty much everything I have said about pocket pets applies to birds and fish, too. Dogs and cats are sworn enemies, at least in the movies and in our common stereotypes. Q. Some breeds are naturally more pet friendly than others. If you want to have a multi-species household, pet friendliness may be something you’re looking for in a new cat. So can guinea pigs and cats get along or is that an impossibility?
The birds also are not allowed out of their cages without direct supervision. My reason for that is that I am not always 100% in control of what is happening in my environment.

Most cats are friendly with their favorite humans, but not all of them get along with other family pets, especially dogs. I know you can look on the internet and see all these cute photos and videos of cats and birds getting along, but it is such a risk for the birds. While the owner’s intent is usually for the cats to become good companions, often the best that can be achieved with cats who fight is peaceful coexistence with little or no interaction. Some smaller breeds can drop dead just from high adrenaline … Anyone who has watched Sylvester and Tweety knows which one is which and why it can sometimes be difficult to keep both cats and birds in the same house.
Can they coexist, or are we just asking for trouble? They are athletic and very nimble. Cats can attack birds more viciously than even their favorite toy, moving at lightning speed to swat them with their claws or grab them by the throat, and launching themselves in the air to cut them off mid-flight. I personally prefer to train my dogs and cats to get along and act appropriately around birds. Tip #3: Slowly Give Cats and Chickens More Time Face-To-Face. I have an african grey and a quacker parrot along with some cockatiels... i have 3 cats, and all of my cats are scared of the birds.... if you have the birds before the cats and you get the cat from the time it is a kitten to adulthood bringing it around the bird, placing the bird on its back, etc. Rollerblading along the road. If you’re thinking of raising Yorkshire terrier and cat together then you probably are wondering if they can get along well or will they end up fighting each other to death. Hamsters are rodents and cats hunt/kill rodents. I really feel very strongly that cats and birds are incompatible pets.

Not only am I worried that the cat could get at him and hurt him, I'm worried that the cat could just freak my bird out enough for him to have heart failure.