Forme en V-ing. Favorite Answer. If you're sitting and feel the urge to pass gas, one thing you can do is to delicately shift from cheek to cheek. jhurd67. Favorite Answer. A 61-year-old female asked: I just want to ask you a question can you pee poop and fart at the same time that is all I want to know ty. cause like i was doing a handstand and i was trying to fart but it just wouldnt come out lol. Answer Save. This can result in vapors forming in the gut that may or may not have a distinct and offensive smell when you fart. To some extent, you can actually tell what's in a fart by the flame's color. Can you fart in your sleep?

1 decade ago. Can you fart and die at the same time? (I don't ever ever ever fart in public or around anyone unless it's someone I am 100% comfortable with.)

This question reminded me of a story couple of years back.

1 decade ago. Much like a bear that hibernates through the winter, we seem to temporarily enter a different metabolic state when we sleep. 0 2 0. 1 decade ago. Affirmation. Have you ever heard the saying that farting on a pillow can cause red eyes? To me, when you can fart in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend, that's when you know that you are totally comfortable around them. The pink eye is medically known as conjunctivitis. This can happen because of eating too fast, drinking fizzy drinks, chewing gum, or smoking. Log in to reply to the answers Post; chibookoo.

This is because, when you poo, you also squeeze out any farts, sometimes unintentionally. Another reason for a buildup of gas causing you to fart more is swallowing air. Flatulence, also known as a fart, is something everyone experiences. Of those fart components, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and methane can all be set on fire. yes! I'd imagine so. Verbe régulier : fart - farted - farted Traduction française : péter.

The rectum is exquisitely sensitive: You can sense whether the lower part of your sigmoid colon (called the rectal vault) contains air, stool, or liquid. Relevance. I do when I've been eating cheesecake - or so the wife tells me. A buildup of gas in your intestinal system can cause pain, bloating, and general abdominal discomfort. Mastering the art of making yourself fart … 1 decade ago. A buildup of gas-producing foods and swallowed air during the day may make you more flatulent in the evening. Relevance. Favourite answer. The flame from a fart where hydrogen is the primary fuel will burn yellow or orange, while an atypically high methane content will … I can be farting you can be farting he can be farting we can be farting you can be farting they can be farting. This can also help you release the fart in a less noisy manner, if push comes to shove. Lv 6. and you can drink upside down too. lol. My friend’s brother farted on his pillow one night, and a few days later, he had a pink eye. I was never sure if this was true.

Lv 4. As you fart, your gas rushes out like a stove gas, so you can try with a lit stick. Perfect .

It is not possible to not fart for a year. 1 decade ago. Why did I just share that private information to a complete stranger? 1 decade ago.

Usually, the only way to get rid of gas pain in your stomach is to make yourself fart and release the pressure. Anonymous. can you fart poop. As with the yoga pose, this method aims to release gas by putting pressure on your abdomen to make it easier to fart. Forme simple. We weren’t sure if this was just ironic or if his farting on the pillow was true.

I can fart you can fart he can fart we can fart you can fart they can fart.

Answer Save. Chris♂ Lv 7. Login to reply the answers Post; Anonymous. can you poop or fart when your upside down? In these cases, it …

Yes. Sometimes, this motion is all you need to make that farting feeling go away temporarily.