THAT is the time to bring home a captive hatched lizard. Keeping a wild lizard in captivity is a simple task and requires the same housing setup and care as keeping captive bred lizards. a terrarium, to keep their cold-blooded bodies in tip-top shape. Do a lot of research and find out all about the lizard that you intend to buy. As a Pet. There is a ban on collecting northern diamond-backed terrapins, spotted turtles, and eastern hellbenders (even though these species are not theatened or endangered. Before you buy a small lizard as a pet, it is imperative that you learn to take care of it. Having small lizards as pets, can be quite a rewarding experience.
People enjoy keeping desert collared lizards as pets because they tend to be curious and inquisitive by nature. You can provide these with logs, hides, rocks, cork bark pieces and plants. While as of yet, all the lizards mentioned on this list are great for beginners, we also wanted to give a brief mention to some of the breeds that first-time lizard owners should avoid, typically due to the specialist equipment, handling, or care they require. This means they’re not overly shy or too skittish. Larger tanks are desirable. Long term Commitment. However, water lizards can be challenging to care for, so it is not recommended that beginner lizards … Check out your local pet store and purchase one or two of these lizards for about $10 each. Blue tail skinks are the smallest skink species on our list. Lizards depend on their pet parents to provide optimal housing, i.e. Dark and light brown are the common colors. What qualifies a lizard as a good pet? The remarkable feature of the gecko is its fat, large tail. Think of what a unique addition, they will make to your household! Turtles can live for more than 30 years, pythons for more than 15 years and lizards such as Blue-tongues for 20 years. They are the perfect choice for someone who wants a pet 'dragon' or 'dinosaur'. This is a question that only you can answer. (4VAC15-360-10). This article is intended to provide basic information regarding the captive husbandry of common exotic lizard pets. recommended for you . Remember - a reptile is a long term commitment. Of all the lizard groups available, geckos have arguably gained the greatest popularity. Breeds Rare and Unique: 10 Exotic Pets and Where They Are Legal to Own.

Once you know what its specific care/dietary needs are, then set up a habitat and adjust the temperatures it needs.
Reptiles don't just need generalized heat but rather a range of temperatures so they can regulate their body temperature as needed. So you want to keep a reptile for a pet?

These species have been ranked by size, ease of care, handleability, personality, and availability. You can keep a single one in an enclosure as small as a plastic shoebox, although we always recommend at least a ten gallon tank. Common Types of Pet Lizards that Beginners Should AVOID. The Blue Tail will eat anything you provide for it. Lizards belong to the endemic family of squamate reptiles (includes lizards, snakes and related extinct forms), and the species number around 6,000 spreading over all the continents excluding Antarctica and the oceanic island chains.The family is the subordinate associate of the Lacertilia.