They are grey/blue coloured with beige stripes across their body and have prickly bumps down their backs. (c) Captive Bred Lizards : Starred x Painted Agama Laudakia s.stellio x L.s.brachydactyla.Actually the offspring of this totally fertile cross. One or two species of Agama can be found in Europe. We have now sold the babies and adults. Add to cart ... WE HAVE PAINTED AGAMAS FOR SALE. Painted Agama. Painted Agama quantity. Of these, the best known is probably the Starred Agama, Laudakia stellio stellio.While these are a species that can be kept in a greenhouse they tend to be extremely nervous and as a result they can be difficult to even see at times! Painted Agama are a small desert lizard that originate in Africa. Less scatterbrained than L.s. stellio. The Painted Dragon - Laudakia stellio brachydactyla Introduction. Painted Agama are often compared to Bearded Dragons due to their similar appearance, however Painted Agamas are much smaller. Breeding Projects Painted Agama. On the rare occasions that we sell animals that are not captive bred these have been kept by us for a number of years and are well established healthy animals. But, the vast majority, if not all, of my animals are themselves captive bred. Painted Agama CB20. Some of those I keep and breed, for … HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Originating Out Of Southern Parts Of Europe And On The Northern Coasts Of Africa Ranging From Greece, Through To Turkey, Syria, And Into Egypt;

Captive bred painted agamas were bred by us in Summer 2019.