It is shadowy brown in colour with impressive golden yellow bands around the knee joints and down the legs Fair coloured hairs distinguishable against the dark base cover the body and legs. They also are the fastest growing of the Grammostola genus and have a lifespan of over 5 years for males and over 15 years for females. Great display tarantula.

They can grow leg spans up to 8 inches measured diagonally, which makes them more desirable for beginners.
Docile and Calm.

It is found commonly in the grasslands of South America in places such as Argentina. The Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula is an excellent choice for a first time arachnid due to its mild temper, low maintenance, and large size! The Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula has become a very sought after tarantula. The Chaco Golden Knee tarantula (Grammostola Pulchripes) is a large breed of new world tarantula.

The Chaco is an opportunistic burrowing terrestrial tarantula: they tend to burrow while younger and adopt a pre-existing hide as its home when it begins to mature.

It is commonly seen in grasslands of South America especially in places like Argentina. It is brown in color with golden yellow stripes around the knee joints and legs where the name was derived (Chaco golden knee). The Chaco golden […] Adult Size: 16 to 17cm. Common names: Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula | Chaco Golden Knee | Chaco Striped Knee. It is quite flashy in appearance, bearing long light-colored hairs all over its body and gold stripes on its legs, particularly at the "knees".

Its docile nature, color and size has made it perfect for beginner/intermediate tarantula enthusiasts. Gold knee tarantulas are a burrowing species so deep bedding is suggested. They tend to be steady growers and most reach adult size within 3 to 4 years. There is no doubt about it; tarantulas are one of the lowest maintenance pets you can have!
This T can grow to an adult size of around 7-9” with males living about 6 or 7 years while females can live 20-25 years. … Lifespan: Females (15 to 20 years) | Males (3 to 4 years) Recommended Climate: Sub-Tropical Paraguay.

A five gallon enclosure with 3 to 4 inches of bedding will be used if provided. It is originally from Mexico. 25-27°C (day), 20-22°C (night). The Chaco golden knee tarantula/Grammostola Pulchripes is a large breed of the new Tarantula world.

With most Chaco Golden Knees growing to be about 8 to 10 inches in length.

Temperament: Great for beginners.

Grammostola pulchripes, also known in the hobby as the Chaco Golden, is a New World Terrestrial tarantula that is endemic to the sub-tropical nation of Paraguay. Growth Rate: Medium. Chaco Golden Knee Tarantulas can easily be identified by the striking golden stripes on each knee. Type: New World, Terrestrial.