The locals must find a way to eliminate the snake, with the help of a scientist who knows about the snake and terminates it. Snake crawls into an ATM in India. Chinese influencer Wang Mengyun, aka ‘Bat soup girl’ breaks silence. The longest snake in the world, capable of reaching over 10m (32ft) in length. Also on Beijing city cancels major public events including Chinese New Year temple fairs due to coronavirus outbreak. Chinese folk tradition says that placenta consumption helps increase the supply of sperm, and in traditional Chinese medicine it is believed to support blood supply. Snake meat, once skinned but still raw, is a light pink flesh. Dog prepared and cooked for human consumption in China. A video of a woman eating 'bat soup' went viral earlier this year and linked the food to the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. Director: Richard Clabaugh | Stars: Frayne Rosanoff, Robert Englund, Casper Van Dien, William Zabka. Man pulls over on side of the road and fucks a mule in the middle of the street . After a military plane crash near a small American town, a giant man-eating snake sets off on a killing spree. Later, people at the Wuhan market either handling or eating snake meat became infected. That video theory, however, is a rumor.

Man ties up mice and tortures them for not respecting coronavirus quarantine. So according to the scientists, at some point a bat virus jumped into snakes, and adapted to its immune system. Dog prepared and cooked for human consumption in China. Images of Chinese people or other Asians eating insects, snakes, or mice frequently circulate on social media or in clickbait news stories. Sis Said The Hell With Rona: Girl sucks on a snake’s head amid coronavirus pandemic. Man records his friend smashing a donkey in the bushes. The woman identified as Liu from Shuangcheng in Heilongjiang Province was using the pickled snake to treat her rheumatism - in traditional Chinese medicine snake wine is believed to restore health. Drunk Indian man rips snake’s skin off with his teeth. Dog boiled and prepared for human consumption in China . But for many Hong Kongers, it’s a steaming bowl of shredded snake soup. Chinese woman catches snake on the streets and skins it, prepares it for lunch. Votes: 3,278

TF Wrong With Some People?

You might think a hot helping of chicken noodle soup, a few shots of strong vodka or an escape flight to a tropical Thai beach might be best to warm you up when winter hits.

Chinese man burns cat alive because it ate one of his pigeons.