Note that depending on the Chinese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here. i don't mind if you sent me a web site with good names just not the types i said.

One of the Four Holy Animals of Chinese Mythology (), the Dragon is in charge of scaly animals like fish and reptiles, and also rules the East.Chinese Dragon spirits are very powerful and popular, being much more friendly than their counterparts in the West. 2012 Chinese Zodiac Water Dragon . Its origins are still uncertain and we have several academic opinions. The Chinese dragon in mythology. Chinese names are used in China and in Chinese communities throughout the world. I also don't want those crappy names like Draco, Yoshi, stupid Asian words and do not send me a web site showing the old mythology dragons of ancient times i need good useful names for a Chinese water dragons boy or girl. See also about Chinese names. Chinese words for water include 水, 浇灌, 浇, 雨水, 冲, 灌, 泽, 冲淡, 溲 and 注入水. Find more Chinese words at! Further Reading on Chinese Zodiac Dragon: Personality of the Dragon Destiny by Birth Month Destiny by Birth Date Personality by Western Astrology Signs Personality by Blood Types - Last modified on Sep. 12, 2019 - Q & A Search: NAMES MEANING GENDER; Apalala: Water dragon: Boy: Hindi: Hindu: Doryu: One who understands the ways of a dragon: Boy: Buddhism: Draco: Dragon; one who is like a serpant I am getting a Chinese water dragon and i don't know what to name it any suggestions? Some believe it originated from the snake or Nüwa, a mythological goddess with snake tail and human torso.Others believe that the long was formed by integrating the symbol of several tribes that united in the past into a single animal. The Chinese dragon is similar in shape to a monster, with a body like a snake, but with horns on its head and tentacles.