Square Dancing is the 18th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1. Chip's Challenge. It's Chip's Challenge. This category will comprise links to notable Chip's Challenge level sets in existence. There’s bound to be some stubborn levels that will not relent or yield to your level of gaming skill.

CCLP2 was followed by CCLP3 8 years later. Unlimited Time. Don’t worry it happens. One of the most classic of classic puzzle games. Trivia In voting, Square Dancing was the lowest-rated CCLP1 level. A nightmare of a level. Anyway, you can always get back at it when you’ve cleared your mind. The first Chip’s Challenge level set has 149 levels, yet numerous others, including the popular Chip’s Challenge Level Pack 2 developed from chosen levels from these sets, were made with level editors that were before long made after Chip’s Challenge was discharged.

It was created by Andrew Menzies. Walkthrough.

Need help on a certain Chip’s Challenge level? It contains 149 levels taken from many custom level sets available and was assembled by Dale Bryan.

The first eight levels of Chip's Challenge are lessons: they teach the basic workings of the game, introducing specific tiles in groups. Lessons.

The locks are opened by their color keys. A Lynx-compatible version of the set, titled CCLXP2, was released 2 June 2015. Walkthrough Square Dancing Level set Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1 Level number 18 Password SSYW Hint Blobs move randomly at half of Chip's speed. Chip’s Challenge Level Passwords.

Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2, often abbreviated as CCLP2, is the first community level pack for Chip's Challenge 1 released on 9 February 2002. 18 HMJL 93 REKF 19 MRHR 94 EWCS 20 KGPP 95 BIFQ 21 UGRW 96 WVHY ... During any level in Chip's Challenge, hold CTRL and SHIFT and type QWERTY to reset the timer. Click on the Image to download the game The picture links to the old, windows 95 version of the game including the original level pack. There is a second set of levels bundled with the original windows game here. To play the game, Chip must collect all specified computer chips to pass through the socket, which will allow him to exit within the time limit. By coffee. Updated: 7 Feb 2013 11:52 pm.