Bayside Rabbitry.

The classic markings make the Dutch rabbit the aristocrat of all show rabbits, distinguishing it apart from any other breed.

These rabbit breeds are also very well-mannered and are being used as pets by many children in the different parts of the world. We have a lovely litter of Dutch baby rabbits available to reserve for when they are ready 27th July. The Chocolate Dutch rabbit has brown-colored eyes with a brown face. We have 5 yellows and 1 brown grey available 1 yellow male available only Each young rabbit will leave with 1 weeks worth of pellets, a care sheet and birth certificate.

They are an easy breed to care for, so long as they are kept in clean hutches & given good quality food they don't really suffer from any illness or disease. Dutch Rabbit Breeders . I have been trying to recall the last time a choc has won at the ARBA Convention or the National Dutch Show.

Angelina DiLiscia 115 Coal Bluff Road Finleyville, PA 15332 724-348-4146 Email: Website: Specializing in Chocolate and Tortoise Dutch . I have been breeding Chocolate Dutch since 2002. The only National Dutch show win I can recall is 1985 when Reggie and Kevin Shull won with a Choc Sr Buck! Originally, Dutch rabbits are descendants of the Petite Brabancon, which originated from the Brabant regions of Flanders, then were heavily bred in the 19th Century for the purpose of meat production.In the 1830’s, when they appeared in Britain, they often had white markings.

Raising black, blue, chocolate, gray Dutch Kari Hughes Maryland Arnold (near Annapolis) Dutch – Blue/Black/Steel [email protected] We are a small backyard rabbitry run by 4-H children. Character Of The Dutch Rabbit.

A choc won the ARBA Convention in 1997 and was Best Opp in 1983. English fanciers selected the best marked of those rabbits, and hence we have what is known today as the Dutch rabbit. Tink's Rabbitry. Dutch Rabbit's are one of the oldest breeds, the national breed club, United Kingdom Dutch Rabbit Club was founded in 1879 & Dutch had been around a few years prior to this. The six colours recognised for shows in the US are Black, Blue, Chocolate, Grey, Steel, Tortoise. Beech Fork Farm. The Dutch Rabbit is available a variety of colours including Agouti, Black, Blue, Steel, Chocolate, Yellow and Tortoiseshell - all with the distinctive Dutch white markings. The Dutch Rabbit weighs 2 - 2.3 Kg when adult. In the UK, Yellow and Pale Grey are also recognised. Size Of The Dutch Rabbit. My best win to date was at the United Kingdom Dutch Rabbit Club's Adult Stock Show (ASS) in November 2004 where my Doe "Jubilee Fudge" won best Chocolate Doe in a class of Rabbit's from all over the UK.