Characteristics of the Chukar Egg Partridge eggs are uniformly yellowish-white In females it is absent or two small nodules appear off-center of the mid-region of the fold (figure 2b). X. X. X. X. X. X. X. X. X. X. X. X - XX Showing of 1 Items.

C50 Papier-Mache Egg Tray for Chukar. (figure 2a). Lifespan: Hardy and disease resistant, Chukar Partridges have been known to live up to 10 years in captivity. My Coturnix are to big for Quail, small for chicken, and I think universal trays are a … $2.25. Incubation takes about 23 days. Filters. I was hoping to find egg trays and turning racks in the partridge size but haven't much luck. INTRODUCTION Chukar partridge is the common name of a game bird classified as Alectoris chukar species of the Phasianidae family (Cetin and Kirikci, 2000).

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Tough Old Bird. Alectoris chukar (J.E. Chukar egg supplies. Key words: Chukar partridge, egg production, egg quality, probiotic. GQF Manufacturing.


from $0.55. Family: Phasianidae.

We sell Hatching Chukar Partridge Eggs to help start or grow your flock.

TR20 Turkey, Duck, or Peafowl Egg Tray. Chukar Partridge Eggs $ 6.04. STRAIGHT RUN.

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An incubator or broody hen is a very common husbandry practice. Size.

Post Feb 09, 2010 #1 2010-02-09T22:33. Gray, 1830) Order: Galliformes. Chukar Eggs.

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Clutch size (mean) 13 Clutch size (min) 8 Clutch size (max) 18 Mean egg dimensions (length) 43 mm Mean egg dimensions (width) 31 mm Egg colour Cream with reddish-brown flecks The wild partridge Compare the shape and size of the head. Size: Chukar Partridge are 14 inches long and weigh between 16-29 ounces. C30 Papier-Mache Egg Tray for Poultry. Partridges are exploited for eggs, meat and hunting preserves. (bottom). Incubation: Chukar Partridges do not tend to go broody in captivity. from $1.75.

The egg size and internal quality of eggs are important for both table and hatching eggs. The rudimentary protuber- ance, averaging about 2.78 mm in diameter, is easier to see on older birds. 1,664.