Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning Guide For our individual impacts to be positive, people of every age must practice speaking, arguing, and acting with clarity and precision based on carefully developed evidence.

ClaimEvidenceReasoning.pdf. Claim: Evidence: Reasoning: 1 Food Webs Claim-Evidence-Reasoning Flow of Energy in Ecosystems Explore 1 Energy flows from the Sun to producers and then to consumers. It should explain the evidence if necessary, and then connect it to the claim.

Reasoning is the thinking behind the evidence that led to the claim. Adapted from: McNeill, K.L. & Krajcik, J. For claim, evidence, and reasoning writing, the strength of the argument depends on its evidence. I also attached a number of other resources we have made or found. Students often struggle with what to say in their reasoning. Scientific “facts” are actually claims that have been supported with a lot of strong evidence. • The claim is clearly referenced throughout the reasoning. The Sun’s energy only goes to the producers. Provides accurate and complete reasoning that links evidence to the claim. Through the Claims, Evidence and Reasoning (C-E-R) model used in this unit, students are creating claims that they support with evidence and provide scientific facts as reasoning. Page 1 of 2. The Sun is the ultimate source of energy for Earth. Some consumers eat producers. However, students rarely engage in critique.

Open with. No Evidence Reasoning (Analysis) •Explicit reasoning is provided that links all evidence to the claim. Claim Evidence Reasoning Three Parts to a Logical Conclusion CLAIM x A statement about the solution to … evidence, reasoning that links the evidence to their claim and consideration of competing arguments in which students build on and question each other’s ideas. Other consumers eat the consumers that have eaten the producers. CLMS- Claim, Evidence, Reasoning. Reasoning links most pieces of evidence to the claim. Provides reasoning that links claims to evidence. Reasoning. (2008). Repeats evidence and/or includes some scientific principles, but not sufficient. If we included something in the packet that is not here, just send an email and we can send the file to you. Resource Sheet: Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER) Why is CER important? Scientists make claims all the time, but no one would trust them if they did not have any evidence to back up their claims. Open. Teacher provides frequent opportunities for students to engage in student-driven argumentation. Scaffolding - Listed below is a lab-by-lab explanation of the verbal directions and modifications used to support students understanding and abilities in each of the labs. The powerpoint is a large document and it title CER-rowland.pptx below. I hope you found something out of the presentation that you might be able to utilize in your classrooms. • Scientific principles are correctly explained to show how and why the evidence supports the claim. Includes appropriate and sufficient scientific principles.