If a horse has beaten or run very close to better animals than his present foes, or if he’s dropping to a level that he’s been successful at in the past, he fits solidly class-wise in the race.

After this, ratings are adjusted in line with performance. The term "classy" is most often applied to horses who run winning races in the higher …

Nor does a track bias favoring speed horses or closers.
Class is trickier and more vague than form and must be thought of as a means rather than an end.

Some handicappers are convinced that Class is the key to beating the races, while others don't place much importance on it at all.We created a class rating for every race in our database. Handicapping a horse race is picking out the factors which could determine the outcome of the race.

Of course, there are never any certainties when it comes to horse racing, all you can do is line yourself up with the best overview of a particular racecard.

Final time does not come into play.

Horse Racing Hottie’s Handicapping School is in session!

In order to define the class of the race we looked at every horse in that race, how fast they had run recently and during their careers, what kind of races they had been running in recently, and how much money they have been … That is how you, as a punter, handicap.
Classes are designed to stand …

Class handicapping is one of the simpler and more effective ways of picking a winner. The handicappers job is to asses a horse based on running history. For a race, you may break down stats by looking at Form, Ability, Class and Race Conditions. After 3 runs the horse is given a rating.

Horse Racing Handicapping Explained + Free Betting System Handicap races make up the majority of horse races run in the United Kingdom and Ireland on both flat and National Hunt courses. Horse racing handicapping opens the sport of horse racing to the widest possible pool of horses, owners and trainers whilst also ensuring the result is exciting and engaging racing contests. This decides the horses official racing (seen as OR on race cards). It simply involves finding a horse who has been racing against better company that drops into a …