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Thru The Mirror (1936) Mickey Mouse complete by Roel71. To the wikipedia users.

Enjoy not waking up to an alarm clock, Ann. New, 7 comments. The Cleaners is a riveting documentary about how social media might be ruining the world. ", which should've been made obvious by the spring's response of "Says I.")
The version we watched (which is on the "Silly Symphonies" DVD) has been CENSORED! A mouth harp provides the jeers from the spring that answer Donald’s taunts.

Mickey tries to remove a sleepy stork that is nesting in the gears while the main spring causes trouble for Donald.

‘Clock Cleaners’ is one of the most fun Mickey, Donald and Goofy shorts. Each piece is an emblematic merger of the two countries and their rich cultural heritages. Clock Cleaners - Still Censored on Disney+ (#disneyplus #donaldduck) by GameBreaker64.

Clock Cleaners is a color Mickey Mouse animated short. Howdy Folks! I'll let you know how it all turns out.

Ann’s retirement party brought together a community of well-wishers. Heading up a steep mountain road with Goofy driving the car, surely nothing can go wrong. - I just got shipping confirmation on the rest of my order (2 sets of wave 1). 0:31. C When you see the letter “C” in your dreams it can mean living average. Clock Cleaners was previously censored due to a mishearing of what Donald says to the spring. Altered scene: A spring that Donald Duck is trying to fix is taunting Donald by replicating everything Donald says. remains intact. 8:49. Watch Clock Cleaners Full Movie IN HD Visit :: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are cleaning a large clock. Margão’s decoration is inspired by the porcelain named "India Company", whose pieces were regarded by European high nobility families as real treasures and symbols of luxury and good taste. Clock Cleaners Mickey's Parrot The Little Whirlwind Mickey's Delayed Date The Simple Things Mickey's Birthday Party Walt recording Mickey's voice. Now, what he says to the spring (which to be clear is "SAYS you! Ann’s fingerprints are on many events in town. Includes the only known video of Walt recording Mickey's voice.

CLOCK CLEANERS || A … Prize-winning Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has created a versatile collection of symmetrical parts with sculptural elements, reinventing the century-old tradition of Delft porcelain, called Delft Blue. Everyone has something to do in the clock that is so tall there would be no point in it’s having such intricate parts. However, Don's line after that ("I'll bust you, you doggone snake-in-the-grass!") One of our best.

Donald Wildmon has made up this false rumor or has misheard Donald Ducks quote. That word didn't even get invented until the late 1960s. I have never heard Donald Duck using the F word in "Clock Cleaners" 1937. Mickey and his friends take a vacation in his house trailer equipped with all the latest modern conveniences.

This segment is also one of the extras on Fun and Fancy Free (9875CS) CAV in the U.S.

Donald willfully beats up the clocks main spring, despite two cobweb covered signs telling him not to touch it. It can mean you have … DVD Talk - Where to look for Disney Treasures? I have a complaint to make concerning this Disney short article "Clock Cleaners" 1937. Clock Cleaners is censored. And lo and behold, on my brief perusal of their content I notice that the Three Little Pigs (from the Silly Sympnonies disc) actually contains the dodgy Jewish stereotype IN THE SHORT, not just in the Leonard Matlin intro as on R1! Mickey, Donald, and Goofy each face different obstacles while cleaning a giant clock tower. Clock Cleaners 1937 ★★★★½ Watched May 03 , 2020 Ethan Soffe’s review published on Letterboxd: Cab When you dream about a cab it can show that you need to move forward in things in your life. Donald Duck never said the F bomb in Clock Cleaners. Clock Cleaners (1937) Added scene: A Buena Vista logo appears before the short even though RKO distributed it and Buena Vista Film Distribution didn’t exist until 1953.

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It was released in 1937. The new R2 Walt Disney Treasures came rattling through my letter box this morning!

Directed by Ben Sharpsteen.