So, if you are planning to keep this fish in your aquarium then you have to be very cautious about petting the fish. C. Chassy New Member. Do Cory Catfish Clean Up The Tank? Virtually all Cory species should be kept in schools; stories of single Corys pining away from loneliness are not uncommon. Moreover, this fish prefers eating meaty foods more than vegetative foods. I've been reading in your forum for some time now, and it seems I now have a question that I hope you could help me with. Corydoras. 1 1/2" it did not seem to swim around very much in my tank and ive only seen it eat little amounts a few times, I have a 40 gal. It is a heavily planted tank with sand substrate. 1 of 2 Go to page. When i got my albino cory catfish approx. Do Cory Catfish Eat Fish Poop?
Catfish. They enjoy scavenging, going to the deep to get food, so, they eat almost everything eatable they find there. They are bottom-dwelling and like to hide or rest during the day, but in the evening will shoal with other fish. Thread starter unangrybird; Start date Sep 28, 2017; 1; 2; Next. My water parameters are normal and consistent over the last few weeks. Cory catfish, on occasion, have been known to try and eat some fish poop, but by and in large, no, they do not eat fish poop. Corys should be kept only with small to medium-sized peaceful fish. Cory catfish do clean aquariums to a certain extent.

Make sure that their barbels are intact and their fins are not torn. Go.

Joined May 3, 2015 Messages 1 Reaction score 0 Location PH. for the past day, my catfish has stopped moving around, even for food, and just lies on the gravel breathing normally. i have a two week old 24l tropical fish tank community, with shoals of neons and danios, and an albino cory catfish. Albino cory catfish not eating? Next ... First of all, it's hard to tell whether a Cory is eating or not. The scales of this fish are not shimmering compared to other Cory Catfish. Cory catfish are small, peaceful, bottom-dwelling scavengers that are beloved by all who have owned them. Cory catfish can eat basic fish food like pellets, fish flakes, and bottom feeder tablets. The best specimen should not be thin, as catfish Corydoras should be a little plump and have clear colorations and patterns. i don't know whether it's ill, or lonely, as i heard you're supposed to keep corys in small groups. tank with some mollies and some blue wag tail platy and they are doing fine. If they're not getting thinner, then they're most likely eating. There are currently four white cloud mountain minnows, a betta, and the four corydora catfish. They'll usually munch on food for a few seconds and then move on to the next piece that they find. Therefore, no, cory catfish will not eat algae wafers.

Thread starter Chassy; Start date May 3, 2015; Tags cory dora lethargic sterbai cory; click here! Sometimes, you can catch them eating algae. Illustration: The Spruce / Catherine Song.