It is based on a wide variety of sources that I collated over many years.

This checklist includes all bird species found in Costa Rica, based on the best information available at this time. Both live in Costa Rica. Its most distinguishing feature is a small group of … Richard Garrigues is one of the preeminent birding guides in Costa Rica, with more than twenty-five years' experience leading birding and natural history tours. If you find any error, please do not hesitate to . Also called Finsch’s Parakeet, the Crimson Fronted Parakeet is actually a small parrot. Dites-le à l'éditeur : Robert Dean is an avid birder and natural history illustrator. Avibase - Bird Checklists of the World Costa Rica. Steaming rainforest, iridescent hummingbirds, smouldering volcanoes, tumbling rivers, and miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches: if Mother Nature can ever be accused of showing off, it is in Costa Rica. I am pleased to offer these checklists as a service to birdwatchers. Costa Rica has almost five percent of the world’s biodiversity, and is home to 10 percent of the world’s total bird species.