Coyotes also become more difficult to scare away if they lose their fear of people. To protect your pets, do not allow them to roam freely. A Central Florida woman recounts being attacked by a coyote. Florida Fish and Wildlife officials say coyotes have been documented in all 67 counties, and they’re certainly no strangers to Broward County. Coyotes are becoming a common sight in Florida. Also, keep your dog close and on a short leash that is less than six feet. Daniel started with WKMG-TV in 2000 and became the digital content manager in 2009. Thus, the expansion of the coyote into Florida and elsewhere in the eastern U.S. is most likely due to humans extirpating the wolves in this area. Coyote attacks on people are very rare.

... Coyote Attacks Dogs I Shoot With Glock 26 - … The recent increase in the appearance of coyotes in the Florida landscape is a product of their expansion throughout North and Central America. However, several coyote attacks on dogs and cats have been reported over the past few years in Florida. Coyote attacks on dogs and cats have been reported in Florida.

A surveillance camera recorded a frightening encounter at a Kissimmee resort, a man was walking on a sidewalk and a coyote suddenly emerged from some trees and went after him. Coyotes have been sighted in every county in the state. Coyotes usually try to avoid humans.

It is rare for a coyote to bite a human. In some cases, pet owners were present at the time of the attack. It is a genuine danger not just to pets but also to children and even adults. Coyotes were first brought to Florida in the 1920s. Most coyote attacks on pets occur at night or at dusk and dawn. They were likely first brought to Florida in the 1920s to train hunting dogs. Coyote attacks on people. Daniel Dahm. Free-roaming cats are at a high risk of being preyed on by coyotes and other animals. Experts suggest keeping small dogs on a short leash, and if confronted by a coyote, to pick up the dog. Coyotes in Florida have attacked small dogs on a leash. Often, coyote attacks are preventable by modifying human behavior and educating people about ways to prevent habituation. Most coyotes will keep their distance from us. Florida wildlife officials warn coyotes that do prey on domestic cats and small dogs. But, like other wild animals, that tendency will vary from one coyote to another. Coyote attacks on humans are extremely rare, and only two fatalities have been reported in the past 46 years, Scotten said. There was a report ten days ago that a coyote attacked a man. Humans may have helped the coyote become established in Florida through accidental release or escape and (or) intentional release (Layne 1997), such as for hunting. Most coyote attacks on pets happen either at night, in the early evenings or early mornings.

On April 1, 2019, a rabid coyote in Salisbury, Vermont assaulted an elderly couple on their farm.

During those times especially, be careful if you’re going to walk your pet in wooded areas or areas where there are a lot of other plants growing, which could conceal coyotes. Coyote attacks on humans are uncommon and rarely cause serious injuries, mainly due to the relatively small size of the coyote, ... On February 15, 2019, an aggressive urban coyote in Fruitland Park, Florida assaulted a man and his dog. Florida law considers coyotes a “nuisance species.”

Coyotes do attack and take people’s pets and young livestock, “but the occurrence is very sporadic and actually rare for the numbers (of coyotes) on Florida’s landscape,” Boughton said. But, like other wild animals, that tendency will vary from one coyote to another.