It's much more commonly used to indicate how many thousands of miles a vehicle has on it. This dream might be foretelling you a future wealth and abundance. 9 years ago. A credit is when money is added to the account. However, when it comes CR and DR on a credit card statement, they are pretty easy to understand. Money. A car buyer does have the option to receive the cash back amount as a check from the auto manufacturer. James M. Lv 7. It's an amount that reduces your bill and may appear on your credit card statement with the letters "CR" next to it, which is the abbreviation for "credit." military. () Article Rating (6 Votes) You've Already Voted. CR stands for credit and DR means debit.

CAR. What does CR stand for in Banking? Banking CR abbreviation meaning defined here. Top CR abbreviation related to Banking: Capital Receipts Favorite Answer. Lv 7. CR and DR Explained If you want the cash back as a check, tell the car salesman and he will make sure you complete the proper forms. Post . Relevance. Answer Save. A currency transaction report (CTR) is a bank form used in the United States to help prevent instances of money laundering. By: Jason Unrau. money wise>? Email . Dreaming about piles of money. Post . Tweet . Can You Trade in a Vehicle That Is Not Paid Off? Print . Dreaming about paper money. Seriously?? Updated July 21, 2017. If you dreamed about paper money, such a dream might be reminding you about some bills or debts you need to pay soon. However, it could also mean thousands of dollars, so in this case, $17,000. Print .

We found 11 meanings of CR acronym or abbreviation related to Money: Any category. Money Factor: A money factor is the alternative method of presenting the amount of interest charged on a lease with monthly payments. MANAGING YOUR MONEY ; CAR ; HOME ; RETIREMENT ; COLLEGE ; 2020 TAX CENTER ; Share It. What does "CR" mean on my bill? technology. CR: Crease (stamp and paper money collecting) CR: Conditioned Response: CR: Councillor (title) CR: Celebrate Recovery (ministry) CR: Continuing Resolution: CR: Concentration-Response (pharmacology) CR: Communication Research (journal) CR: Constructed Response (test type item) CR: Companies Registry (Hong Kong) CR: Condition Report: CR: Course Record: CR: Conrail (railroad) CR: Cold Rolling This form must be … Getting pre-approved for a car loan, meaning that you have already found a lender who has agreed to loan you money for a car, can save a lot of hassle when you head out to buy your next vehicle. Article Number: 42 | Rating: 2/5 from 6 votes | Last Updated: Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 3:30 PM "CR" indicates credit has been applied to your account.

If a credit has been made to a credit card account, it reduces the payment needed to pay off that card. 5 Answers. healthcare. Share . The designation "CR" next to an item means it’s a credit to your account rather than a charge for which you have to pay, like a purchase you made with the card. Well, "k" stands for "kilo", meaning 1,000. Share . Tweet . The "CR" next to a monetary amount on a bank or credit card statement represents a credit made to the account. Learn how Consumer Reports tests cars at its 327-acre Auto Test Center. health. 9 years ago. For example, if you are a seasonal customer and gave a reconnect date at time of disconnect, you receive a $10 credit (CR). A credit is the opposite. How to Determine the Equity in a Car. Login to reply the answers Post; scoutma53. The money provided in a cash back offer is usually an additional down payment on the new car. The money multiplier is defined in various ways. Related. Having the financing in place before you shop for a car makes it much easier to focus on finding the right car without having the price of the vehicle negotiated along with the terms of your loan. In the abbreviated form, usage such as "₹ 15cr" (for "15 crore rupees") is common.

Definition. If you ever have taken an accounting class, you probably realize how confusing these two terms can be when you are first learning about them. By: Jason Unrau. Large amounts of money in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal are often written in terms of crore.For example, 150,000,000 (one hundred and fifty million) is written as 'fifteen crore rupees', '15crore' or 'Rs 15 crore'. Email . You can receive a credit on your credit card statement for several reasons. telecom. If you saw piles of money in your dream, or even counted them, such a dream is a very good sign. Learn More → If you have equity in … 0 0 0. CR’s car team drives nonstop and digs deep into data so that you can make a fully informed choice on your next auto purchase. business. Share It. … Updated July 21, 2017.