Creeper Woods Chest 7. It is in one of the paths that lead to a dead end. Secret Locations Nearby Outside the Creepy Crypts. Creeper Woods Chest 5. Spider Den: There's a cave with a whole lot of spiders. Once you get close the secret chest will appear! After opening the door to the Creepy Crypts and entering it, you will find your self in a single room. Posted 2020-06-10, GamingBolt.

Creeper Woods Chest 5. Much like other levels, however, the locations are slightly randomized and you may end up with a lesser number than expected. There are about six chests to find in Creeper Woods with locations, again, being semi-randomized. Creeper Woods Chest 6. Creeper Woods Chest 3.

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You can find the fifth chest in a more open area. Minecraft Dungeons Guide – Soggy Swamp and Creeper Woods Chest Locations. Go towards the spider-filled cave and get the next chest on your right. The sixth chest is located further up north from the fifth - you'll need to eliminate several enemies first.

The fourth chest is all the way up in the north. Nothing special about it, but you can find a supply chest inside and some pots with Emeralds. As you advance through the level you will reach a point with a long side path off to the right-hand side. Get to the end and look to the right to find a chest hidden under the trees. Creeper Woods Chest Locations. The last Creeper Woods chest can be found towards the top end of a later area. The first is the Blacksmith – complete the mission in Creeper Woods to gain access to it. To find the Creepy Crypt, typically the location spawns on the left of the Creeper Woods, via a secondary path. Inside the Creepy Crypts.

The Minecraft Dungeons pressure plate in Creeper Woods has been a matter of contention among the player base, as … You can find a chest nearby the entrance to Creepy Crypts.

You will find a golden chest on the top left end of that same path. Then in the final prong of that same side-path, you’ll find Chest 3. Creeper Woods pressure plate in Minecraft Dungeons is a seemingly random switch that you find in the middle of the map early in the game.

... Minecraft Dungeons Guide – Soggy Swamp and Creeper Woods Chest Locations; Creeper Woods Chest 4.

Creeper Woods Walkthrough. Chests abound in Minecraft Dungeons’ Soggy Swamp region. Hidden chests and random puzzles can spawn in this area, which grant powerful loot.