Below, you'll find guidance in interpreting the bird in your home. The Crow as a spirit animal is also a symbol of a higher perspective that you can get if you choose the Crow as your animal totem. A good website to use is In my country, birds inside the house is considered not good for the house. They're known to memorize routes of garbagemen to know when to get some tasty snacks. Not everyone holds the opinion that having birds fly into the house is bad news. The first thing to do is to find out what species of bird is building the nest. When I was in higher studies at school, in my home, my mom found a pigeon building a nest in our balcony. They are smaller than the raven, and you see them more frequently around cities. Have a good look at them and see if you can identify the species. It is known that a crow’s nest is always located in tall trees, which gives crows the opportunity to see clearly all that is happening in their surrounding. Crows and ravens are important in mythology, fables and native cultures. However, dreaming about crows, in particular, can have either a good or bad meaning.Dreams about crows are not common but when they do happen they have significant meaning.. Often times they are not a good omen and an indication that something bad is going to happen. Crows have been known to build their nests very high up, giving them the chance to watch everything that is going on around them. Our cats, for instance, view such incursions as having their prayers answered. They are often identified as clever tricksters. Published 12 January 2004 Some view it as good luck, but some think it's bad. Dreaming about birds is generally a good sign. The crow, especially the American crow, is a common bird found throughout North America. They are rather opportunistic birds, feeding off anything and everything they can find that is edible. However, this pigeon laid 2 eggs. A lot of these superstitions involve luck, both good and bad. We are often asked how to deal with this problem or whether the nest can be moved to another location. Crows are also really good at learning adaptive behavior. This supersition reminded me of the horror film Omen-II where the evil crow is a minor yet integral part of this film. By tuning into the sound of its call, it can remind you of who you are and what you are capable of. For example, many cultures believe it is an important sign if a bird flies into your home. The Crow as a Spirit Animal – The Power of Insight.