The most successful and feared Confederate commerce raider of the war, the CSS Alabama, sinks after a spectacular battle off the coast of France with the USS Kearsarge. From Famous Men and Great Events of the 19th century. Between the summer of 1862 and the spring of 1864, the Alabama captured 65 vessels flying the U.S. flag and sank one Union warship.

Built in England and manned by an English crew with Confederate officers, the CSS Alabama was the most successful and notorious Confederate raiding vessel of the Civil War.

In the Battle of Cherbourg, the Confederate commerce raider CSS Alabama, sank after a battle with the USS Kearsarge, a Mohican-class sloop-of-war, in 1863 during the American Civil War.

ID: H3W1P2 (RM) The Sinking of CSS Alabama during the Battle of Cherbourg in 1864.

Launched as Enrica, the vessel was fitted out as a cruiser and commissioned as CSS Alabama on 24 August 1862. Continuing its path of destruction through the West Indies, Alabama sank USS Hatteras near Galveston, Texas and captured its crew.