The movie is somewhat dark because of the colored glasses. Dangerous Ishhq 2 full movie free.. Download Dangerous Ishhq Part 5 Full Movies. Nevertheless, the 3D effects are wonderful. Duniya Ki Aisi Ki Taisi 2 Movie Full Free Download Download . Ishq mein ruswaa, ruswa hoke chale Ishq mein ruswaa, ruswa hoke chale. Directed by Vikram Bhatt. Polarized or active glasses do not work with this movie. Hindi Movie Watch Online, Hindi Dubbed Movies, Tamil Movies, Adult Movies, Telugu . I've already seen this movie twice. Wo teraa chod ke chale jana Tere bin musqkil jee pana Yoon hamein tarsaana Aa bhi ja chod de tadpaana In galiyo ko, in raasto ko Hum to tanha chod chale Ishq mein ruswaa, ruswaa hoke chale. Teri mahfil se ruswa huve Teri mahfil se ruswa huve Ishq mein ruswaa, ruswa hoke chale This movie requires red-cyan glasses (4 pairs are included in the package). Three doppelgangers(one girl+ two boys).Two of them loves each other and get together from many lives .And the third one(who can't be killed easily)also wants the girl and he tries to separate them through many lives. With Karisma Kapoor, Rajniesh Duggall, Divya Dutta, Jimmy Sheirgill. Foo. mp3 songs ... under Shri Jayanta Sarkar, . Dangerous Ishhq is a very entertaining story about multiple reincarnations.