Read on and enjoy a variety of interesting information about . The Dartmoor Pony is a semi-feral breed of old which has existed in the south-west of England for centuries. Ponies When Dartmoor was designated a National Park, in 1951, the pony was chosen to be its logo.

Dartmoor ponies come from a region of moor- and heathland in south-west England. In the past, they were used as working horses in tin mines, where they pulled heavy carts. The Dartmoor Pony has been an integral part of the history of the Moorlands and it was made the official logo of the Dartmoor National Park when it was built in 1951. The Dartmoor pony has a kind temperament, the ponies being reliable, gentle and calm. Amazing Facts About the Pony It is often thought the only difference between horses and ponies is size. One of the main breeds that have been introduced into the Dartmoor's bloodline has been the Shetland; this has been done to reduce the size of the Dartmoor so that it can be … Dartmoor Pony The Dartmoor Pony is one of nine breeds native to the British Isles. They are highly robust and sure-footed. They are an integral part of Fun Pony Facts for Kids Check out our range of fun pony facts for kids. Dartmoor National Park is a 368 square mile park located in Devon, England. It was designated as a national park in 1951 and named after the River Dart. The sparse grazing and bleak conditions of this The area from which it originates is a rocky, barren, moorland called Dartmoor in Devon, England. Nowadays, they Having evolved in the bleak wilderness of the Devon moors, the breed has developed a natural ruggedness and resilience. Learn what they look like, what they are used for, what makes them unique and much more. Ponies help to give Dartmoor its unique character and are one of the attractions for visitors to the area. Most Dartmoor ponies stand between 11.1 to 12.2 hands (45 to 50 inches, 114 to 127 cm); a pony should stand at no more than 12.2 hands