Feeding deer requires a flexible plan throughout the year to ensure a healthy herd. So you want to start a deer farm? Droughts and harsh winters happen. For domestic rearing of deer every farmer needs to know about the feed what deer eat and their feeding habits. A failure to meet target weights gives early warning that feed management needs fine tuning. Deer Farm Production Deer Farm Production Forum - feed and nutrition, pasture management, water systems, handling facilities, fencing, shelter, transportation of animals, etc. Chat with our silly umbrella cuckatoo, Mozart, pet a goat, kiss a camel. In their food habits deer are always selective. You can feed, pet and photograph our deer. Directions to Grand Canyon Deer Farm. Deer farms & food plots need to be limed regularly to maintain PH levels. Walk a path around our park to view wallabies, llamas, coatimundi, bison, peacocks, & much more. From Flagstaff: Take Interstate 40, 25 beautiful miles west of Flagstaff, to exit 171, Deer Farm Road. A third reason not to feed deer is that feeding can actually harm deer. Few 6 point bucks waiting to be feed when Liz walks out the front door. You choose which answer you want and then provide the details for the other factors that are needed. A rapid change in a deer’s diet can leave the animal unable to digest the new food and can actually have a deadly outcome. A Healthy Rumen is a Key Driver of Healthy Deer. At the top of the ramp, turn right onto Cool Pines Rd. Antler Advantage ® deer feeds now feature the Purina ® Advanced Rumen Support System that includes a proprietary blend of minerals to help support rumen health along with key prebiotics for optimal digestion and quality protein. Initially established in the 1970s as a way for farmers to maximize land for profit, deer farming is increasing in popularity. The risks of disease transmission from infected deer to cattle are too great to tolerate any deer near cattle or feed. The Deer Ranch in St. Ignace first opened in 1950. But for domestic rearing they need proper nutrition and balanced diet feed. They seek out the highly palatable food in preference to food of medium or low palatability. Bella eating out of her hand. LinkBack: Thread Tools: Display Modes: Jan 8th 2017, 04:52 PM #1: mtman . Water, Feed and Shelter. Sides Spreader has near silent operation excellent for working with deer. Together these three help support strong antler growth, doe pregnancy and lactation, as well as body condition. Contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for permits to remove deer out-of-season. This product is used in a feed ration at the rate of 200# per ton of complete feed. Email Exclusives Offers, updates, news & special events sent straight to your inbox! Since then, the Deer Ranch has grown to include: whitetails, white whitetails and albino deer. Frost-free water hydrants or heated water bowls are some of the essential equipment. Ive heard some say deer eat 2 lbs per day and others say they feed … On an average a deer of 100 pounds body weight eat about 5 to 8 pounds feed … Feed Allocation is a simple calculator that enables the user to work out feed allocation in a number of ways.

Kendall NY. Texas July 2015. Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate with a land manager’s goals. Deer feed . In winter, a deer is well adapted to survive by eating the foods provided by Mother Nature.

Because deer are adaptable to many different terrains, raising and breeding domesticated deer is a viable way to utilize small tracts of marginal land.
Food plots fail.
(double the rate when fed to wild deer or during high stress conditions)

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