English (wikipedia rouge) Adjective (en adjective) Of a reddish pink colour. Noun Red or pink makeup to add colour to the cheeks; blusher. However, this scores doesn’t have a fixed upper bound limit since it depends on the number of results returned by the query, and thus in order to compare DCG of different queries we have to normalise them. Ses cheveux. violet, violette. rouge .

bleu, bleue. rose, rose. Débutants Exercice de français 'FLE - Féminin des adjectifs de ... 3. Quality is considered to be the correspondence between a machine's output and that of a human: "the closer a machine translation is to a professional human translation, the better it is" – this is the central idea behind BLEU. (chemistry, archaic) A red amorphous powder consisting of ferric oxide, used in polishing and as a cosmetic; crocus; jeweller's rouge. As nouns the difference between rouge and thief is that rouge is while thief is one who has carried out a theft. Accord des adjectifs de couleurs [Test] 15 sept. 2005 ... bleue, bleu, bleus . To achive that, we divide the DCG value by the best possible (Ideal) ranking, obtaining the NDCG, a value between 0 and 1. châtain clair, châtains clair ... bleus- verts, bleus-vert, bleu-vert. * '>citation Any reddish pink colour. And for this reason, a number of different metrics have been proposed for tasks such as machine translation or summarization. Le Nutri-Score se base sur la stricte composition nutritionnelle, et pas sur l'origine des produits.Ainsi, les matières grasses comme le lait, le beurre, le fromage, seront dans l'orange voire le rouge du Nutri-Score, et ce même s'ils portent le label Rouge (produits alimentaires et non transformés) ou le label Bleu Blanc Cœur (qualité des apports nutritionnels aux élevages). gris, grise. blanc, blanche. de ma voisine sont superbes. In this blog, I describe 3 major schemes, namely BLEU, ROUGE, and … BLEU (bilingual evaluation understudy) is an algorithm for evaluating the quality of text which has been machine-translated from one natural language to another. The BLEU score is a string-matching algorithm that provides basic output quality metrics for MT researchers and developers.In this first post, we will review and look more closely at the BLEU score, which is probably the most widely used MT quality assessment metric in use by MT researchers and developers over the last 15 years.While it is widely understood that the BLEU metric has many …

In the Eton College field game, a five-point score awarded for kicking the ball so that it deflects off one of the opposing players and goes beyond the opposition's end of the pitch, and then touching the ball.

We utilize ExactMatch (EM), BLEU (Papineni et al., 2002) and SARI (Xu et al., 2016) scores 5 as evaluation metrics for fluency. 6.