I added the O ring from my dipsy diver and it sounds like if I set the slide diver to the # 2 setting, I can use the #3 setting dipsy diver chart.

Make sure you put the braid onto your reel TIGHT under pressure to keep it from digging into itself. If you speed up, the diver will go up, if you speed down it will down. The dipsies dive to a depth directly linked to the length of line out of the rod. One thing you will notice in this book is that the chart is NOT a straight line. I was in 40 ft of water seeing fish at 35 ft so I tried to get the Dipsy down to 32 ft at 1.8-2.0 mph using the supplied chart and was pulling up zebra mussels. mono. As maintenance, periodically send your dipsy 800' back and reel the line in under tension to keep it from digging into itself.

Been running wire and braid for 2 years and I've always wondered how far down the baits would actually travel past the numbers on the chart included, especially with the reduced drag. The Dipsy chart will give you guidelines, but keep in mind that the chart is based on using 20-pound monofilament. You can also run your divers out further to the side than setting 3, a Slide diver goes to setting 6 the marks go off the weight onto the diver and a regular diver will do the same. depths they illustrate per feet of line …

Still confused, I understand there is a slight difference Dipsy and dreamweaver but my chart that came with the new dipsy reads #1 with ring 2.5mph 20# mono 3 setting 50ft out = 24ft down #1 with ring 2.5mph 30#braid 3setting 50ft out = 15ft down. The dypsies dive to a depth directly linked to the length of line out of the rod. If you have let go 16 ‘ (5 m ) outside of the reel, the diver will dive to 10 ‘ (3 m). Yes you will break your copper more than likely, like everyone said run mono, wire, or braid for dipsy's! The Dipsy divers come with a dive chart based on 2.5-3.0 mph. I will be fishing down 30 feet, so I will let out 67 feet of line and see how that fishes. Obviously the chart doesn't work at this slower speed.

Tip: Drill out holes in three locations to allow various depth settings. It floats, so when the boat stops they rise up. When a fish strikes, a trip mechanism releases the pressure so the fish can be fought with minimal resistance from the diver between angler and fish.

The Dipsy Diver® will reach greater depths Someone posted this chart - and it says at 120' I would have been around 50'. Dipsys run deeper on braided or wire lines.
Max Depth on Long leads: Small Size (10) 7' 12' 15' 18' 20' 20'