Scorpions are carnivorous arachnids closely related to spiders and ticks. However, where there's water, scorpions can live for several months WITHOUT any FOOD at all! Scorpions do … Scorpions especially emperor scorpions are extremely popular as pets, as they are easy to care for. Unlike scorpions in the wild, the diet of a pet scorpion is extremely restricted. Most of the adult scorpions will feed only twice a week.

Dawn, be grateful for the scorpions or else the entire state would be owned by cockroaches. Scorpions can also be cannibalistic, occasionally eating another scorpion! Your first warning is their signature tangled web rather than a symmetrical one. Some of the foods that a scorpion in captivity have are: Crickets; Mealworms; Grasshoppers; Cockroaches; Moths

They are shiny jet black with a red "hour glass" on their bellies. Scorpion Feed On: Crickets Roaches Spiders Earwigs Grasshoppers Ants Centipedes Lizards Small Mice Occasionally other Scorpions In the Phoenix Valley, Scorpions eat a variety of spiders and bugs, but they especially LOVE crickets and roaches. Black Widows are very common and you will find them in corners and dark places. All 2,000 scorpion species are hardy bugs; researchers have even frozen scorpions overnight only to watch them thaw and walk away unscathed the next morning.