Wood Duck. Such molting reduces the accuracy of immature wing identification in the fall and winter. Males in breeding plumage have bodies russet color with small dark spots, under tail coverts black, and white spots on their sides. We thank the Burke Museum, University of Washington, for the loan of many wings and permission to include images on our website …

Identification of Diving Ducks, including descriptions and images. Species, Age and Sex Identification of Ducks Using Wing Plumage. 1. The original collection of wing images was taken or scanned between 1997-2005. Observe the color of the ducklings. Pinterest. General Description of Blue Winged Teal duck: B erry Blue winged Teal duck s are dabblers with small bodies and long bills. On females, the first secondary proximal to these white-edged feathers is washed with black on the outer web. For example, a wing described by statements 1 (b), 6(a), 7(a), 8(a), and 9(a) is that of a mallard.

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Most breeds of duck are similar in appearance in the earliest stages of life. Optics : Strong birding binoculars are necessary to help pinpoint the subtle details in plumage and body shape that can distinguish one duck species from another. Species, Age and Sex Identification of Ducks Using Wing Plumage. By. Fall wing molting occurs among wood ducks, mottled ducks, and whistling ducks. Cinnamon Teal - Length: 16 inches, Wing span: 22 inches A small duck closely related to the Blue-winged Teal. Sex Determination The white trailing edge of the secondaries on females is much wider on the outer webs than on the inner webs. Google+. In most cases, careful observation can help you determine exactly what type of duckling you're watching. On males, this white edge is approximately the same width on both webs.

Duck Identification Equipment To properly identify ducks, you must be properly equipped.
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Southern nesting duck species may initiate upperwing molts in the fall rather than in the spring. Each choice leads to an additional choice until the species is identified. 0. Feather Groups of the Duck Wing. Mallards are the most familiar and most widespread dabbling duck in the world, and knowing how to properly identify these ducks is the key to understanding the identification of all ducks, including picking out the mallard clues in hybrid ducks. WhatsApp. As ducklings develop, it will become easier for you to identify exactly what species they are.

Species, Age and Sex Identification of Ducks Using Wing Plumage. Select Bird Wing & Tail Collection for the main page, featured searches to search order, family, common name or group name; or browse the image database.. Blue Winged Teal duck Identification. From each pair of contrasting statements choose the one that best describes the wing in hand. Facebook. The male Cinnamon Teal is easy to recognize by its dark reddish plumage.

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