Freida Pinto. We are a tropical country and 70 percent of the population is technically 'dusky'. Which in simple terms means basically the skin reflects a yellowish orange tone from within. In reality wheatish skin colour is a medium shade which isn’t too fair or dark. There are many skin tones,the comparatively darker skin tone is also known as the "dusky" skin tone. Dusky skin, sported by the much worshipped on-screen beauties like Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu, Sameera Reddy and Kajol, have an aura of exoticness. Sushmita Sen. Image source Warm Honey. Surelee Joseph. Image source Honey .

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We like! Lakshmi Menon. It is in the wheatish category per Indian skin. Things to Do while doing Makeup for Wheatish Skin. Being a dusky woman in India is a bit of a struggle. Surelee Joseph.

Any person(s) who finds this reference offensive to their baguette or pita bread is purely coincidental and in no way represents the intention of the writer. The Don 2 actress has embraced her wheatish complexion and now makes the most of it. Normally wheatish girls have an orange-yellow undertone.

5 Tips to Take Care of your Beautiful Dusky Skin : If you talk about beauty tips, there is no doubt that a whole world is out there filled with all kinds of tips on how to take care of your skin.You will find advertisements, beauty bloggers on Instagram, general tips on the internet and much.

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Chitrangada Singh. The problem with wheatish girls is that they follow the makeup rules or ideas of either fair skin or dusky/dark skin tone.

Image source. You look at the television or cinema, you will notice that a majority of the faces you see are fair. If you fall between Beige and Honey, you have medium skin tone, and between Warm Honey to Warm Almond, you are in the dusky to deep skin tone category. (1) 3. Image source Warm Honey Nandita Das. In terms of Makeup, Wheatish skintone the skin has a yellow-orange undertone.

**Dusky-somewhat dark in color; specifically : having dark mukerjee,Bipasha basu *Fair-not dark .eg.Amisha patel,Preethi zinta *Wheatish-what lies between dusky and fair. Dark-tan falls in this group. Image source Warm Honey-Almond.

Wheatish skin tones naturally have dark hair since most Asians have a higher number of colored pigments. Image source. Shades between dark-tan and tan fall in this category. The same theory could apply to the difference in complexions of North Indians and South Indians as well.
But how she's evolved! My skin (especially in my face, shoulders, and forearms) has a tendency to look kind of pink/red-ish, but when I press on my skin the impression shows as a light yellowish/ white color. The use of the word, “wheatish” (although derived from the word: WHEAT meaning grain) here is to represent a very particular and desirable shade of skin color that is not exactly brown and not nearly pearly white. However, Indians majorly have a fetish for white skin.
You must note that your skin tone can keep changing depending on the weather, your location and exposure to sun. These dusky skins look best with warm hair colors like – tones of red, copper, mahogany, burgundy, auburn, etc. Most of the wheatish or darker skin tones haves oily skin type so use a water based foundation. Mindy Kaling. Fairer skin … However, these days, most people prefer blonde shades. Wheatish complexion Vs Dusky complexion.

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