The head of both sexes are pronounced by a medium sized single comb, and by the presence of medium sized white earlobes that are almond shaped. i just thought the plastic basins would make it easier to clean, toss out the hay/chips a couple times of year. Dutch bantams are very small birds with the male weighing less than 20 ounces and the female weighing less than 18 ounces. Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: They have a small, bright red single comb with five well-defined, upright points.

Dutch Bantams are among the smallest bantam chicken breeds. Roosters of this breed will rarely top 20 ounces! Dutch Bantam Facts: Class: Single Comb, Clean Legged Size: Male: 21 oz. The hens are layers of smaller sized eggs that are. The Dutch bantam or De Hollandse Krielan has been in existence for a long time and first appeared in Britain in the late 1960s. The interior dimensions are 9.5W x 12L x 6D. Female: 20 oz. Size and Weight. Dutch Bantam hens weigh in even smaller, tipping the scales at … It’s not a strain that is cold, therefore care ought to be taken during the winter season.

The wings are fairly large and long and are carried close to the body. Do you think these are big enough? Dutch Bantam Dutch Bantams are "true bantams", meaning there is no standard-size version of the breed. About an average Dutch Bantam roosters weigh about 0.55 kg and hens about 0.45 kg. Dutch Bantam Characteristics 1. Dutch Bantam hens are very good setters/brooders and make good, protective mothers.

The tail is full and well spread with well developed sickles. They have a high full breast, short backs and are upright little birds. I figured we could put like 2-3 inches of hay/chips in the basin put them in a nesting box area that is built in with dividers, etc. A Blue Cream Light Brown Dutch cockerel. They have a high full breast, short backs and are upright little birds.

As the name bantam suggests, this is certainly a petite chicken. These fancy little guys come in a ton of varieties like Partridge, Golden Duckwing, Silver Duckwing, Blue Ducking, Cukoo, Blue Golden, Self Blue and others. Dutch Bantam chicken is favorable in character and quite simple to manage. They have broad red wattles and medium-size, oval, pure white earlobes.

They are upright little birds with short backs, and a high full breast. Dutch Bantams are some of the smallest chicken breeds around.