Cameroon dwarf geckos can also be offered gecko diet mix to supplement their diet. As with most breeds of gecko, it's ideal to obtain one from a reputable reptile breeder. Longevity is unknown, although a lifespan of at least 5 years should not be unexpected. Day geckos require both UVB and heat lighting and make great pets, as long as you are willing to not handle your pets. William’s dwarf gecko (Lygodactylus williamsi), A.K.A. As a dwarf species of gecko, Cape Dwarf Geckos rarely exceed 2.5” in total length. Babies usually cost the least since they have a higher mortality rate. Captive-bred geckos are less likely to have diseases. The dwarf gecko is a fairly popular type of pet lizard. Size and Longevity. Sexing : Cameroon dwarf geckos can be sexed by dimorphism in coloration: males tend to be brighter in color, while females are dull and may retain their brownish color characteristic of juveniles. the ‘electric blue day gecko’ or ‘turquoise dwarf gecko’, is a little gem of a lizard that is fascinating to watch and averages just 3 inches in length!So, it’s ideal for hobbyists who haven’t got the space for a large enclosure at home. These lizards love nectar and prepared sweet diets as well as insects. Housing. On average, they can cost $50 to $250. Lygodactylus williamsi is a critically endangered species of lizard in the family Gekkonidae.The species is endemic to a small area of Tanzania.Common names include turquoise dwarf gecko, William's dwarf gecko, and, in the pet trade, electric blue gecko.. In addition to gecko food, babies will also feed on springtails, pinhead crickets, fruit flies, and other tiny invertebrates found within the cage and substrate of an established and well planted vivarium. Illegal wild-caught specimens are widely sold in the pet trade, often misdescribed as captive-bred. A new dwarf species of day gecko, genus Phelsuma, from the Ankarana pinnacle karst in northern Madagascar Several species of gecko lizard are referred to by this name, but most come from one of two genera: Lygodactylus or Stenodactylus. Day Geckos are diurnal, typically brightly colored lizards that are known for their tropical aura. Many of these lizards have markings in shades of yellow, beige, brown, or black, although some species, such as the turquoise dwarf gecko, are brightly colored.

Housing Captive Breeding of Dwarf Day Geckos.
If you liked this article, then LIKE this article here! If possible, ask the breeder if you can watch the day gecko eat before deciding on buying it. Beginner: Day Gecko Keeper's Guide Advanced: Day Geckos in Captivity.