Their small size was the product of insular dwarfism due to colonizing the Mediterranean islands. Son poids corporel estimatif n'était que de 200 kg, soit seulement 2 % des 10 000 kg de son ancêtre, l'Éléphant à défenses droites. This species lived in the Pleistocene period, which is the period that extended from 1.8 million to 10 000 years before our present.

Dwarf Elephant describes a collection of prehistoric elephant species of the order Proboscidea. The Dwarf Elephant is an extinct species, not to be confused with the Pygmy Elephant.

Les molaires du nain atteignaient quelque 40 % de la taille de celles de son ancêtre [9]. Dwarf elephants first inhabited the Mediterranean islands during the Pleistocene, including all the major islands with the apparent exception of Corsica and the Balearics.Mediterranean dwarf elephants have generally been considered as members of the genus paleoloxodontine, derived from the continental Straight-tusked Elephant, Elephas (Palaeoloxodon) antiquus Falconer & Cautley, 1847.

L'éléphant nain de Chypre vécut jusqu'en 11 000 av.

Most species died out approximately 11,000 years ago. The dwarf elephant was about a tenth of the size of the average elephant today.

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