To promote breeding house two … Emerald Swifts have been bred in captivity, though it is probably a bit more difficult than average to breed them and maintain the babies into adulthood.

Emerald Swift’s are beautiful bright green lizards that make great pets for more intermediate to experienced reptile keepers.

They are very fast lizards and that along with their bright colors are why they were named Emerald Swift’s. They do stay pretty small and because of there small size they do not require big enclosures. Daytime temperatures should be 75° F with a basking area of 95° F. Nighttime temperatures for the emerald swift can be maintained at 70° F Heat/Light: The emerald swift requires UVA and UVB light. The Emerald Swift (S. malachticus), a gorgeous live-bearer from the southern portion of the group’s range (Mexico to Panama), sometimes appears for sale. comfortably keep emerald swifts. They have so much personality in a small body. Temperature: As with most reptiles, a thermal gradient should be provided for the emerald swift. Unfortunately, it is fairly delicate, and seems adapted to lower temperatures and moister conditions than are most of its relatives.