Data had received high praise from AKC and FCI Conformation judges, CEBA Conformation and Temperament judges, as well as a cross section of breed experts plus he was proven in a number of … They are an energetic breed that likes attention and exercise so they need to be walked and played with daily. The Entlebucher Mountain Dog has the independent spirit of other herding breeds, but still relishes spending time with his people — especially if they give him a job to do. PRA – Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Caring The Pet - Entlebucher Mountain Dog … See below for complete list of Entlebucher Mountain Dog characteristics! The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a territorial and protective dog so it can be reserved or even aggressive with strangers. Grooming & Bathing. In 2002 and 2012 the National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association (NEMDA) sent out an extensive Health Survey to the North American Entlebucher owners. The result is declining vision and eventual blindness. Common to large dogs. This and their loud, deep bark can scare away intruders in no time. Our male Data, passed all his breeding health clearances and received his CHIC#. While the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is typically known as a healthy and hearty breed, they do suffer from a few health problems, including: hip dysplasia, patellar luxation – dislocation of the knee, various joint problems such as arthritis, bloat, and Hemolytic Anemia – anemia caused by the abnormal breaking down of red blood cells. Health Testing – Entlebucher Mountain Dogs. Hemolytic Anemia. However, this trait also means it takes more time for your dog to get used to people.

Regular exercise, training and time with their people are essential.

General Health. At Bar TT Ranch, we breed Entlebuchers, Swiss cattle dogs, using new bloodlines imported from Europe to improve breed health. Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed Health Issues. The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a quick and tough dog with a high energy level. It will take at least an hour of exercise daily to keep him in good physical condition. The immune system destroys its own blood cells. There is new medication for this. Smart, self-cleaning, very low shedding, loyal and stoic, these dogs are great family pets. The OptiGen prcd-PRA Test The OptiGen prcd-PRA test is a DNA-based test that helps you avoid one form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). This is inherited and causes degeneration of the retina. We are dedicated to ongoing knowledge, education, and quality decisions as Entlebucher Mountain Dog breeders. In 2002 George Padgett, DVM world respected Geneticist and author of ‘Control of Canine Genetic Disease’ analyzed the collected data. Health Problems - Entlebucher Mountain Dog for Sale The Entlebucher is prone to: Hip Dysplasia. Every dog breed has its own particular health issues – responsible breeders will always look to reduce the risk of unhealthy puppies by ensuring their breeding dogs have had the recommended health checks. Can cause lameness and arthritis. PRA refers to a group of diseases that cause the retina of the eye to degenerate slowly over time. He can be territorial and will bark to warn you of visitors.