Here is an urbane, erudite man, more likely to throw karma around the dressing room than teacups. I pause near the row of Erudite. Erudite Park ( customer groups ): in - school and students, retired professors and faculty, academic workers. erudite sentence examples. 2. People who are described as erudite often have spent long periods of time pursuing knowledge through school, reading, or other pursuits.

Brinkley pits erudite conservative George Will against the glowering Sam Donaldson. erudite / examples. Eremite definition is - hermit; especially : a religious recluse. Margaret Atwood -- Oryx and Crake. How to use erudite in a sentence. 3.

Learn more. He displayed his erudition, Gustave Flaubert -- Madame Bovary. How to use eremite in a sentence. Use "erudite" in a sentence.

BTW, to prove that DLR/Diz Grace are both morons, erudite is an adjective, not a verb. erudite definition: 1. having or containing a lot of knowledge that is known by very few people: 2. having or…. Erudite In A Sentence. How to use erudite in a sentence. erudit example sentences.

Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: It is surprising to me that someone as well known and erudite as Hodes can fail to grasp the simple thesis of my piece--that lawyers apply their analytical skills to the rules of professional responsibility much as they do to any other text. erudite = full of scholarly knowledge. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. 2. How to use erudite in a sentence.

Find descriptive alternatives for erudite. Example sentences for: erudite How can you use “erudite” in a sentence? Erudite Park ( design style ): the landscape green and elevated level of space and architectural forms. Source(s): erudite in a sentence - Use "erudite" in a sentence 1. Individuals such as teachers and lawyers often tend to be erudite based on the nature of their profession. He was an erudite scholar and a prolific writer.

erudite: Knowledgeable; smart.

She was Erudite, I say.

Neither was Parson Dale very erudite in ecclesiastical architecture. V. Our Erudite Contemporaries. used in a sentence (click/touch triangles for details) Definition having or showing deep scholarly knowledge . Never have I seen such an erudite scholar.

Your level of education is exemplified by your opening sentence in your post #605 as follows: "Dude - I didn't say that …" Now, that's what I call erudite - or not. He is one of the most sought-after erudite writers and speakers in India.

definitions. Example sentences with the word erudit. 1 decade ago. antonyms. He ... Read moreerudite in a sentence Find a way to take Erudite down. Chris He is an erudite and deep thinking man. 1 decade ago. Erudite definition: If you describe someone as erudite , you mean that they have or show great academic... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples He is one of the most erudite scholars of the country. Academic Info Academic info is a good gateway type site, easy to use and surprisingly erudite.

How to use erudit in a sentence. Synonyms for erudite at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. erudite: Knowledgeable; smart.


Erudite; She was right about Erudite. The Times Literary Supplement (2012) Here is a man unafraid to be highly intellectual and erudite but also populist and practical. And the Erudite will help us.

Individuals such as teachers and lawyers often tend to be erudite based on the nature of their profession. erudite. 0 0 0. ‘The speakers in translation are erudite, witty, informed, expert.’ ‘The era of the erudite, intelligent thriller, it would seem, is upon us.’ ‘But, such debates could attract only limited number of people and erudite scholars.’ ‘We are a highly sophisticated and erudite population … erudite example sentences. 2. 38 sentence examples: 1. Lists. Login to reply the answers Post; King of the Couch. 0 0 1. She is an erudite professor. erudite = having or showing deep scholarly knowledge "I used to be erudite," he says out loud. Erudite in a sentence. Login to reply the answers Post; James D. Lv 6. 4. I'm the most erudite driver when I'm running late. Examples of erudite in a sentence: 1. synonyms. The erudite list of example sentences with erudite. erudite in a sentence - 12.