It was previously known as Mabuya multifasciata. Features: Total length to 35cm. Eutropis is a genus of skinks belonging to the subfamily Lygosominae. According to Baker, in Singapore it is widespread in wooded areas, mangroves and parks. Sides are either blackish with white spots or orange from the back of the ear to the hind limbs. Eutropis multifasciata is a skink belonging to the family ... online stores provide delivery as well as tips on how to care for them. Binomial name: Eutropis multifasciata; Description. For long, this genus was included in the "wastebin taxon" Mabuya; it contains the Asian mabuyas. A large, heavy-bodied skink. Origin: Wide Spread: Environment: Forest Clearings, River Banks: Adult Size: 36CM: Suitability: Novice: Lifespan: 8 Years + Temperament: Skittish: This item is currently unavailable. Printed references: Auffenberg, W. 1980. 2002 Mabuya longicaudata — ZIEGLER 2002: 193 Mabuya longicauda [sic] — DAS & YAAKOB 2007 Mabuya longicaudata — BOBROV & SEMENOV 2008 Eutropis longicaudata — GRISMER 2011 Eutropis longicaudatus — HECHT et al. Loading... Unsubscribe from Owen's Animals? Eutropis multifasciata ... My understanding is that the orange/red side stripe on this skink identifies it as this species rather than the similar Eutropis rudis, which has a dark brown light-edged side stripe. Eutropis longicaudata — MAUSFELD et al.
While this may teach people more about the animal and to care for them, this pet trade stands for a potential risk in their introduction into ecosystems non-native to the reptiles and cause them to become invasive. Snout to base of tail is up to 13.7 cm. They often share their habitat with the related common skinks (Sphenomorphus), but they do not compete significantly as their ecological niches differ. Eutropis multifasciata English name: Common Sun Skink (aka “Many-lined Sun Skink”) Scientific name: Eutropis multifasciata (Formerly Mabuya multifasciata) Thai name: Ching-laen Ban Description: To 36 cm long. ... How to Care for Fire Skinks | Lepidothyris fernandi - … Specific Care Information: Relative Care Ease: Average One Gold Skink can be kept in an enclosure of about a 15 gallon size, though preferably a larger enclosure would be used. However, the humidity level should be 75 percent of higher, and a shallow water bowl should be provided. Monster Mondays. 2015 : Distribution Bronze above, often with five to seven black lines going down the back. We studied the feeding ecology of Eutropis multifasciata in the tropical plains of central Vietnam to understand better the foraging mode, spatiotemporal and sexual variation in dietary composition, and rarefaction curves of prey-taxon richness for males and females. Email me when this page is updated. Mabuya multifasciata. According to Baker, in Singapore it is widespread in wooded areas, mangroves and parks. Species : Eutropis multifasciata Size (snout to vent) : 13 cm Size (total length) : 35 cm . Asian Sun Skinks range from Pakistan and India to Indochina, Thailand and down to northern Peninsular Malaysia. Mainly terrestrial and diurnal, they are to be found basking in the sun along forest tracks or on tree trunks. Stomach contents (n = 161) were collected from October 2013 to May 2014 using a nonlethal stomach-flushing technique.

Where seen? The dorsal is bronze-brown, sometimes with a series of thin black stripes down the back.
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