Compared to the toothed whales, it is generally bigger.

Toothed whales eat mainly larger fish, squid, octopus and some eat other marine mammals but their teeth are not for chewing.

baleen whale facts. 7. Males are much bigger than females and grow up to 19.2m (63ft) which is a bit longer than a ten pin bowling lane or as volley ball court, and can weigh up to 57 tonnes (57,000kg or 125,664lb). The primitive cetaceans, or archaeocetes, first took to the sea approximately 49 mya and became fully aquatic by 5–10 million years later. This means that whale calves grow inside their mothers until they are born. The beluga whale is also known as “sea canary” because of its songs and chatter that can heard by sailors through boat hulls. Toothed whales range in size. Baleen whales are a group of twelve different species of whales. Sperm whales are the biggest toothed whales. They most often gather in large groups, called pods. The Blue whale is the largest animal in the world. Let’s find out more interesting facts about baleen whales below: Facts about Baleen Whales 1: the families of baleen whales. Toothed whales account for most species of cetaceans and include everything from the massive sperm whale to beaked whales and all dolphins and porpoises. The tarsier is an extremely mysterious little animal that not much is known about. Diet and Hunting Methods From observations of the stomach contents of beached whales it appears that the strap-toothed whale consumes a diet that consists primarily of fish , squid and various other crustaceans . sperm whale. Below, you can learn some quick facts about some of the toothed whale species.

1. Beluga Whale. Top Whale Facts for Kids. They are closely related to the hippopotamus, sharing a common ancestor that lived around 54 million years ago (mya). As with other beaked whales the strap-toothed whale has a stocky body with a dorsal fin that is located about 2/3 down its back. Fun Facts for Kids. Whales are mammals. Spade-toothed whales are so called due to a part of their tooth, emerging from the gum and reminding the tip of a flensing spade, which was commonly used by whalers in the 19th century. There is lots of cof who they are related to, but where they came from in the first place. ... 6.Toothed whales eat several kind of fish, like tuna, cod and salmon among others and some small mammals like seals. tarsier with pupils dilated in the dark - taken with quick flash. In fact, the spiral tusk of a narwhal is actually a massive tooth! Biggest toothed whale. You can differentiate the four families of baleen whales by looking at the internal and external features. toothed whale facts.

humpback whale. Toothed whales, as well as baleen whales, are descendants of land-dwelling mammals of the artiodactyl order (even-toed ungulates).