The brown recluse is part of the brown spider family. Its unusual appearance is, … Feel free to browse all our Spider pet names and add the ones you want to save for later to your own favorites list. Groups include tangle-web spiders, orb-web spiders, funnel-web spiders and nursery-web spiders. In several cultures, spiders are credited with saving the lives of great leaders. They do share a lot of similarities in general) mythology, you probably mean Arachne. In the Torah, there is a story of David, who would later become King of Israel, being pursued by soldiers sent by King Saul. Luckily Spidey’s allies always manage to find a cure before any permanent damage is done. Famous spiders from Harry Potter and Charlotte's Web used to name new arachnids FAMOUS spider characters from the Harry Potter series, … However, just because they're old and important doesn't mean some of them aren't absolutely terrifying. You can sort these Spider pet names by gender and you can view their full meanings by clicking on the name.

The Man-Spider is usually depicted as a mindless monster.

Female names for spiders can include - Shiny - Erna - Nicole - Chloe - Grace - Molly. Usually known as the Whip Spider, although this name is also used for another arachnid and could lead to confusion. Spider-Man is rendered helpless while the beast inside goes on a vicious rampage, attacking friend or foe alike. According to the Department of Entomology at Penn State, the brown recluse is established in 15 states and can be found across the country in climates that range from the high humidity of Florida to the arid desert regions of Arizona and the cooler temperatures of the Midwest. Well, there’s quite a few… In Greek (and Roman, apparently. As the name suggests, these spiders boast a brown color but you may also find them in shades like cream, gray, and black. Found in Australia, this spider has a long, thin abdomen similar to a snake’s body, hence its species name colubrinus, which means “snake-like”. While it is common for spiders to have eight sets of eyes, this type of spider only possesses six sets of eyes. He is one of the most-important figures in the pantheon of cultural icons among West Africans. Yes, many of them are harmless, but others we would rather stay away from because they're incredibly venomous. Spiders are grouped according to the type of web they make, according to the San Diego Zoo. David hid in a cave, and a spider crawled in and built a huge web across the entrance. Spiders evolved over 380 million years ago, and are a vital part of the world's ecosystem.

In fact any male or female name would be suitable for a spider.

You may also rate the pet names that you like dislike most. Find the common name for the spider and let that be your guide in choosing a name. Ananse, also known as Anansi, Aunt Nancy, Anancy, Hapanzi, Nanzi, name given to an Akan character who has become famous throughout Africa, the countries in the Caribbean region, and beyond because of his insight, intelligence, and wisdom.

9 - Arukenimon (Digimon)

Also known as the Violin Spider, the brown recluse spider is famous for its appearance similar to a violin.