Yours the ones of the field my life's been pretty sweet. What about all those years of pain and humiliation? Possible Answers From Our DataBase: MINION; Boris or Natasha, to Fearless Leader - Latest Answers By Publishers & Dates: Publisher: Last Seen: Solution: New York Times: 8 January 2016 : MINION: Search For More Clues: Need more answers? —mystic80. Fearless Leader, despite being German, somehow is the Don of a Russian criminal organisation that Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale are part of. Natasha usually serves as an accomplice to fellow spy Boris Badenov. Agent to stop the trio. Natasha: But Fearless Leader. Fearless Leader: Too be honest i haven't had that much pain and humiliation. Boris controls the robot's actions through the interior. According to the Rialto Theater’s Moosebill for “Downhill: The Musical” Natasha is supposedly the only child of Axis Sally and Count Dracula. Fearless Leader, Boris Badenov, and Natasha Fatale are the eponymous titular main antagonists of Brendam: Return of the Jedi and supporting characters in Brendam: There and Back Again. They first started out nice and friendly castaways, but they are later revealed to be Brendam's Jedi. 35 years after The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show's cancellation, our two TV heroes have been living off the finances of their reruns on TV. Natasha is a spy for the fictional country of Pottsylvania, and takes orders from the nation’s leader, Fearless Leader. Fearless Leader why must we kill Moose and Squirrel? When enemies Boris, Natasha, and Fearless Leader escape into the real world with a nefarious scheme, Rocky and Bullwinkle do the same, and team up with a young F.B.I. The crossword clue "Boris or Natasha, to Fearless Leader" published 1 time/s and has 1 unique answer/s on our system. He is also archenemies with Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose, just like those two infamous spys.He likes to smoke cigarettes from a cigarette holder and has a big, ugly scar across his face. Desperate to finally kill Rocky and Bullwinkle and have them as trophy heads for his rumpus room, Fearless Leader assigns his spies Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale a new mission: to use a robotic female moose to seduce Bullwinkle, and inevitably destroy him (as well as Rocky in the process). Boris: Ahem hello? I went to see U2 last week and those guys have still got it.