The Susquehanna River, Lake Erie, and Allegheny River top this list. Bank fishing a river is a great way to catch a lot of smallmouth bass and have heaps of fun. New River. Reading water to locate these spot’s isn’t enough. Most of the discussion about Susquehanna River smallmouth fishing is talking about Pennsylvania waters. Also check out the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation. Pennsylvania has some amazing smallmouth bass fishing. Current breaks, rapids, boulders, river bends, grass lines and timber are all smallmouth hangouts on rivers. The Schuylkill River is a body of water that many anglers pass by without even noticing, not Justin Bean though. For those who like excitement with their world-class fishing for smallmouth bass, few rivers, if any, are better than the New. Bass don't spawn all at the same time, so it follows that they don't … The summertime river smallmouth angler’s arsenal should include both finesse and power-fishing lures. Rig them on a 1/16- to 1/8-ounce round jighead or Carolina-style on a size 4-8 hook, 18- to 24-inches behind a split shot and swivel. Don’t miss out on a trip of a lifetime.

"Many Class I to … When smallmouth are hovering on or near the river bed, few lures can top a soft plastics rigged with enough weight to crawl over the rocks and ledges. Recently, while giving a river smallmouth seminar, I asked the attendees which lures every stream smallie fanatic should own. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is the place to go for regulations while in PA waters. Smallmouth fishing explodes when water temperatures in the rivers reach 68 to 74 degrees and hot fishing coincides with the first full moon of the summer when crayfish begin their first heavy molt. AOA fishing guides Jim Richmond and Charlie White have been guiding river float trips for over thirty years. Jim and Charlie have an abundance of experience and knowledge of the rivers and in float fishing for trophy New River smallmouth and musky. (Photo by Jeff Knapp) GET AGGRESSIVE. I set no restrictions on the number of lures that could be listed, the only stipulation being that participants would list lures until all present were satisfied that they had enough choices to be able to fish successfully throughout the year. Smallmouth streams follow, while the largemouth rivers will be revealed in the next issue of Bassmaster. Grubs work best of all. The first tactic is to fish aggressively. To a smallmouth, the molt is like plopping a heaping platter of freshly boiled crawdads in front of a Cajun.