These oxygenate-rich gasolines exhibit higher volatility which can cause swelling, property deterioration and increased permeation through elastomeric materials. ♦ Thermal Properties Low Temperature Range -30º F to 0º F Minimum for Continuous Use (Static) + 10º F to - 30º F

In addition, it has a fairly low tensile strength and a moderately low ductility. Rubber Material Selection Guide FKM or Fluorocarbon / Fluoroelastomer Viton® / Fluorel® 3 Robinson Rubber Products – Fluoroelastomers © Copyright 2005 Robinson Rubber Products Company, Inc. All rights reserved. It has a fairly high density among rubber materials.

FKM’s high fluorine content ensures excellent chemical resistance to a broad range of aggressive chemicals, including acids, fuels, crude oil and ammonia, to name but a few. FKM rubber is a thermoset elastomer or rubber material. FKM is the polymer of choice for fuel seals, head and intake manifold gaskets, quick-connect o-rings, fuel injection seals of all descriptions, caulks, and advanced fuel hose components. Properties Fluoroelastomers or Fluorocarbons (FKM), also known as Viton ® , are highly fluorinated polymers that are suitable for continuous use at elevated temperatures. It also delivers a wide temperature range of -45℃ to 204℃, which is superior to most other elastomers. The graph bars on the material properties cards below compare FKM rubber to other rubber materials (top) and the entire database (bottom). Various grades are available, including copolymer and terpolymers.