In her family, any expression of feeling was frowned upon. Similar words: come upon , thereupon , look upon , enter upon , make up one's mind , once upon a time , frown , frowzy .

For example, the old church seemed to frown upon the system of concerts of live music as a way of praying. Many woodworkers frown upon the use of stain for coloring wood.

This staccato was soon joined by malcontented grumbling, and later on, a very dark frown. Sentence with the word frown. click for more sentences of frown upon: 13. And, as the process went on, the smile faded, disappeared, and was replaced with the usual frown. Meaning: v. look disapprovingly upon. frown upon synonyms, frown upon pronunciation, frown upon translation, English dictionary definition of frown upon. Frown definition, to contract the brow, as in displeasure or deep thought; scowl. She tries to make sure that everything is correct and frowns upon mistakes. Sentence Examples. Verb 1. frown upon - look disapprovingly upon frown on disapprove - consider bad or wrong

The Shi'a frown upon her role in the Battle of the Camel. Define frown upon. 32.

It is frowned upon and can become an issue if you ever want to reconnect with your Native American roots. He looked at her with a puzzled frown in his eyes. Frown upon in a sentence 1. Sentence Examples What scientists frown upon is levelling arguments based on rank ignorance and logical fallacies. Seytie's tears were immediately gone and an angry frown replaced her tear-stained face. Find descriptive alternatives for frown upon.

Fortune smiles upon the brave and frowns upon the coward. Even though divorce is legal, it is still frowned upon.

It's difficult to see frown upon in a sentence. Ex : "la voiture de ma mère", "une carte à jouer" He stepped upon the chair to get to the upper shelves. 2. formal, literary (on) sur prép préposition: met en relation un nom et un autre élément. However, some ultra-Orthodox rabbis frown upon the celebrity interest in Kabbalah.

Definition of frown on/upon : to disapprove of (something) The company frowns on dating among employees. In fact, cultures that frown upon eye contact as … 3. Monarch, that rulest over an hundred states; whose frown is terrible as death, and whose armies cover the land, boast not thyself as though there were none above thee: – God is above thee;. What could force a frown is the U.S. relationship with Taiwan. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "frown" The child had a big frown on his face when he walked off the fieldThe teacher frowned when the student told her he had forgotten his homework.