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Alpaca is South American member of the camel family, Camelidae. A dam and her cria. Llamas at San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Article by Ariel Holzbauer.

Range: U.S., Canada, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina. Fun Facts ELEVENSES LLAMAS AND MINIATURE DONKEYS. Llamas also have a high content of hemoglobin which causes there blood cells to be oval and not circular.
Share on Pinterest. People also love these ideas. 1 year ago. Llamas are the camel’s hippie cousins. Llamas are close relatives of alpacas, vicuñas, and guanacos. A domestic llama. Females give birth every other year . Interesting Llama Facts: Llamas are large animals. … The llama (Lama glama) is a large, furry mammal that was domesticated in South America thousands of years ago for meat, fur, and as pack animal.Although related to camels, llamas don't have humps.Llamas are close relatives of alpacas, vicuñas, and guanacos. These easy to train pack animals are related to camels, only spit when threatened, and can carry about 100 pounds on a trek of 12 miles with no problem. Then they will protect the herd by chasing off coyotes and other predators. When she died suddenly, one of the sisters was only about a month and a half old and, obviously, upset.

Llamas seem to recognize family. A llama can carry as much as 200 pounds for 12 hours a day, but are not ridden. 6. Llama's body is covered with wool which can be black, gray, white or brown, with variety of patterns. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Llama Facts Llamas Massachusetts Fun Facts Fiber Hiking Random Friends Animals. Llamas are smart. Images for kids. I remembered my first experience as a child with one of these intriguing creatures. One of the many species of animals that live at Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary is the Llama.

24 Fun Facts About Llamas. They can distinguish between the neighbor’s dog and a predatory coyote. A pack llama in the Rocky Mountain National Park . Llama’s body is covered with wool which can be black, gray, white or brown, with variety of patterns . Photo Courtesy of Laurie Ross Photography. There are two breeds of alpaca: the Suri alpaca and the Huacaya alpaca. They are very social and will ‘adopt’ a group of sheep or goats as their own herd. Llama guarding sheep on the South Downs in West Sussex. Fun Facts About Llamas. Fun Facts: Llamas are related to camels, and like camels, are used to carry goods over long distances. Although related to camels, llamas don't have humps. Who doesn’t love llamas! Donkey facts are on the top. 1 800 821-3060. When you come to think of it though, can you really blame them? Although they are all different species, a group of llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicuñas may be called lamoids or simply llamas.

I have to admit, years ago, when I first started volunteering at a friend’s sanctuary, I was a bit nervous when I saw the herd of Llamas. My herd matriarch had three daughters, all full sisters (same father).

Interesting facts about llamas. It seems that nowadays no matter where you look, you’ll find pictures of llamas. It is closely related to the vicuña, guanaco, and llama (known collectively as lamoids). They can be 6 feet tall (at the head) and reach between 280 and 450 pounds of weight.