Don’t bring a German Rex cat into your home just because you love its cute looks. Origins There is no common agreement of the exact origin of the German Rex cat.. In the year 2000, one breeder managed to develop the last copy of the cat. There were two other curly brothers in the litter, but they were castrated early.

The very first German Rex was a feral black cat that was found shortly after World War II ended. The German Rex can be traced back to the middle of the 1940s in Germany, but it only became recognized as a breed in 1951 after the Cornish Rex was discovered in 1950. Our goal is to help you locate the perfect cat breeder near you; one who is reputable, trustworthy, and honest. The head is round with well developed cheeks and large, open ears. It is medium-sized cat with with long, slender legs and a round face. Le German Rex reste une race très rare. They are a medium sized breed with slender legs of a medium length.

The breed also comes in a wide array of patterns, including tabby, calico, smoke, and bicolor. The German Rex is not prone to any specific health conditions or concerns more than any other breed of cat. Munk was the son of an Angora cat and a Russian Blue. It has some resemblance with the more popular Cornish Rex. If you have never owned a German Rex before, or are interested in reading more information on these amazing cats, check out our German Rex Cat Breed Information page.

It can be distinguished by its round head, large ears, watchful eyes, well-developed cheeks, and medium-sized, slender legs.

The German Rex cat can be found in a very large range of colors; although versions based around black, white, chocolate, and fawn are common.

When it comes to grooming, most German Rex cats are fine with weekly brushing sessions. La race a été reconnue par la FIFé (fédération Internationale Féline), cependant la CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) l’associe au Cornish Rex. German Rex researchers do not consider Kater Munk to be related to the German Rex breed and state that he was never bred. In the summer of 1951, a doctor in Berlin-Buch ( Pankow borough), Rose Scheuer-Karpin , noticed a black curly-coated cat in the Hufelandklinik hospital garden. Since it is mostly a small cat However, the German Rex is not as popular as the Cornish Rex. The German Rex is a domestic cat of medium length, having some resemblance with the popular Cornish Rex.

They’re basically the Einsteins of the cat world. They may be nearly straight. Munk spread his genes plentifully through the town's beautiful lady cats, but for his owner, his value was as … German Rex is a breed of domestic cat.

Viele Informationen zur Rasse, Wurfmeldungen, Deckkaterverzeichnis, neue und alte Fotos uvm. Physical Characteristics.