GFP (Glowing) Leucistic (Lucy) Juvenile Axolotl Out of stock. Quick View. Axolotl Colors & Variations. Wild morph Juvenile Axolotl. Copper Axolotl. GFP (Glowing) Albino Juvenile Axolotl. Quick View. Price $40.00. Quick View. On sale Quick View. For example, you can find GFP leucistic axolotl or GFP wild type axolotl from the breeders. Quick View. Quick View. Price $45.00. Adult Female Wild Out of stock. Quick View. We have two leucistic females and our male is a golden albino; these three consistently deliver a diverse range of baby Axies'. I am looking forward to seeing how these beauties grow up.

1/2 lb 2.4mm Soft sinking Axolotl pellets Sm size . Quick View. Melanoid Juvenile Axolotl. Price $45.00. Quick View. Price $5.00. We only raise one clutch at a time, so they get the care and attention they need. Quick View. Price $25.00. Golden Albino Juvenile Axolotl. Quick View. $60.00 Price.

Although, it is a special type of albino. Quick View. On sale Quick View. Quick View. Juvenile leucistic Out of stock. All pictures on this site are property of The Axolotl Factory and may not be used without our permission. 3-4 inch GFP Gold, High Iridisphore. GFP Wild Type Axolotl Out of stock. Rather than turning into white or golden, they become tannish and eventually copper. These cute little Mel Lucies are showing quite a bit of promise at their young age!

Price $45.00.

Quick View . They are both mel and lucy and have nice long gills. We are a small hobby breeder located in Boise, Idaho, and we absolutely love Axolotls. Quick View. Dirty leucistic adult. 3-4 inch Bluegill Leucistic, freckle potential. Quick View. Another special morph is the copper axolotl. Quick View. Regular Price $45.00 Sale Price $20.00. They often have some black speckling, especially on the face or the spine. Price $40.00. Yes, a leucistic axolotl glow in the dark too! GFP leucistic baby Out of stock. Adult Male albino leucistic . Newly Hatched . 2. Quick View. GFP (Glowing) Melanoid Juvenile Axolotl Out of stock. Copper axolotl posted by reddit user karayna. 3-4 inch Gold, High Iridisphore. 5-6 inch GFP Mel Leucistic . Leucistic.

Baby wild Out of stock. Price $50.00.

They are already signs of being bluegills and the promise of freckles like their mom. Price $55.00. Price $25.00. Price $8.00. 3-4 inch GFP Wild. 3-4 inch Dark Wild. Adult Female Golden Albino .

Quick View.

Leucistic adult . Quick View. This black speckling may increase or decrease over time. Price $65.00. Leucistic axolotls have a white (or slightly pinkish) body and black eyes. We speak Axolotl !