In the two-seat configuration with dual-joysticks, the pilot is in the front, the single passenger in the rear. We offer scenic Glider rides to the public. Release altitude 4,000 feet. The outstanding soaring conditions and stunning scenery surrounding the Crystalaire Airport make it one of the best places in the country to take a ride or learn to fly. If operations are cancelled it is not until noon and then updates are posted on the website and Facebook page. Glider Rides. Aerobatic flights vary greatly in length based on how mild or wild you want your flight. Take in breathtaking views of your local landscape without the roar of an engine in your ear as you soar above the countryside. Days and time of operation. The glider wants to climb, but the tow plane is still on the ground. Scenic Glider Ride (4) Warner Springs, CA. Highlighted . The tow plane turns toward the lift ahead. The types of glider planes used for this thrill-ride have either two or three-seats. $230. Maximum Passenger weight is 230 pounds. As the tow plane increases speed, he lifts off too. We bank to follow. All Experiences on this page have been loaded. Trustpilot.

Soaring is one of the most exhilarating forms of aviation. All rides are delivered by FAA Certificated Commercial Glider Pilots or FAA Certificated Glider Flight Instructors. The cost is $100.

To get an idea of what you can expect on a ride with us, click here to see the article about us in the Marshall Chronicle by Michonne L. Omo.

Back To Top . A flight in our high-performance glider with a release from 3,000 feet above Marshall will last about 20 - 30 minutes. Perfect gift ideas for men and women! We offer professional glider rides and professional flight instruction that will take you from your first flight to solo, and all the way through your FAA Private Pilot Glider certificate. For two-passenger seating, both sit side-by-side behind the pilot. Additional instruction in cross country soaring and glider aerobatics is also available, as well as the training to get your Commercial Glider and Certified Flight Instructor-Glider certificates too! The graceful launching and landing of sailplanes is something that even long-time glider pilots never get tired of watching.

We are located below the beautiful San Gabriel mountains, in the scenic Antelope Valley.
You ease back on the stick, and follow the tow plane in formation.

From: $360 . Related Content. Southern California Soaring Academy Glider Rides. Glider Plane Rides. Adding a glider rating counts as a Flight Review. We ease up to 2,000 feet above the ground. Please feel welcome to come down and watch the operation for a while if you like. See Notes ** Top Gun for One . It's time to be on our own.

Saturdays and Sundays; April through October; 9:30 am – 4 pm; Weather permitting; Operations may be suspended due to rain, low clouds and visibility, or high winds. Glider aerobatic ride; flights at all attitudes, wingovers, rolls, loops, and much more. Experience the freedom of the skies on our incredible glider rides. A Glider flight is an experience that will surely be remembered.