People also love these ideas. Angel: And Shin Godzilla, the four-to-five-formed Evolutionary Abomination version of Godzilla! RJMovieMan. Godzilla; Godzilla Raids Again; King Kong vs. Godzilla; Mothra vs. Godzilla; The Three-Headed Monster; Invasion of Astro-Monster; Ebirah, Horror of the Deep; Son of Godzilla… I stood with him during his fight against captain dumbass, I stand with him now.
Saved by DeviantArt. YOOO You should make a 3 way battle between Filius, Shin and Legendary Godzilla!

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A place to admire the King of the Monsters and his many foes. r/GODZILLA: Welcome to /r/GODZILLA!

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Unkownbrony52. Casual. 2 years ago. Angel: Also, Destoroyah won't be able to switch between forms, or else Shin Godzilla would be helplessly overwhelmed. In this fight, for the purpose of being fair, both Godzillas will be at 100 meters tall. Shin Godzilla is the most recent incarnation of the King of the Monsters from Toho Studio. Godzilla Wallpaper Of Wallpaper King Kong Mothra Movie Planet Movie Godzilla Comics Hideaki Anno Beast Creature Attack On Titan Art.

Shin Godzilla vs Godzilla Filius/Earth.

I've thought about it .

Forum Posts . SeaGunsLives Professional Artist. Tabashi: Now, in order to make this fight as fair as possible, both Titans will be adjusted to their largest height, which is 394 feet. Godzilla Filius vs Legendary Godzilla. Godzilla FIlius is only 50 metres tall, while Shin Godzilla is 118 metres tall and was more destructive.

Given that Filius is confirmed to be a genetic clone of the original Godzilla, Filius's power level should equal base form Godzilla, and should match his feats from the novel.

Reply. Filius: Earth: Always: Sunset On Third Street 2 “ Godzilla. Truly a god incarnate.

This is quite the battle!

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They both meet in the center of the city and began to fight to the absolute death (or at least until one of them retreats back to the ocean). Unlike any previous incarnation by Toho, this Godzilla does not have any relation to the 1954 Gojira. 218. Cypher0120. „ ~ Kayoco Anne Patterson: Summary. Godzilla Comics Godzilla 2 Sword Art Online King Kong Gorillaz Art Samurai Art Naruto Fan Art Warrior Cats. Godzilla was also dropped into a fault line, and was bombed hundreds of times with nuclear weapons and suffered no damage. Tokyo is about to be evacuated from a kaiju battle between Godzilla Filius and Legendary Godzilla.
I am rooting for planet goji. Reply.

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