Our business had grown to a point that we needed a better solution for serving customers in other parts of the country.

12 Pages. PIVOT PRO? By 1996, we were manufacturing both manual and motorized jib cranes, enclosed track work station cranes, gantry cranes, and work station jib cranes in our NY plant.

Bridge Crane Gorbel® Customer Order No. Tooling Support Systems. / Serial No. Articulating Jib Crane.

8 Pages. capacity bridge cranes 18 - 20 1000 lb. Cleveland Tramrail Bridge Components 1 Tarca® Rail Tarca® Track features specially rolled high-carbon alloy steel rail with raised treads welded to a steel flange and web. or Best Offer. Manual Underhung Bridge Crane; Motorized Single Girder Underhung Crane Ease of Movement, Increased Safety, Productivity, Reliability and the Industry's Best Warranty - 5 Years on Manual and Motorized Products! Fixed Gantry Crane Manual: Download: a5e07936-eb6e-608c-bd72-ff000019dfa3: Free Standing Articulating Jib Crane Installation Manual: Download: 12196b36-eb6e-608c-bd72-ff000019dfa3: Free Standing Jib Crane Installation Manual: Download: 13266b36-eb6e-608c-bd72-ff000019dfa3: Free Standing Steel Work Station Bridge Crane Installation Manual: Download

Tarca® is designed to provide maximum spanning capability for heavy loads while minimizing the weight of required material. Gantry Cranes. Articulating Jib Cranes. 8 Pages. Manual Single Girder; Motorized Single Girder; Top Running Double Girder Bridge Crane; Underhung Bridge Cranes. Workstation Bridge Cranes and Monorails. 2,000 Pound Capacity Ceiling Mounted Workstation Bridge Crane by Gorbel GLCS-2000-15-23 Highlights 2,000 lbs Capacity (1 ton) 15 foot Bridge Span 23 foot runway Standard Support distance of 20 feet Easily move and position heavy loads Modular Des GORBEL WORKSTATION BRIDGE CRANE (AL) - 2 TON CAPACITY, GLCS-FS-4000-20AL-23-10. Steel bridge crane isometric 11 Aluminum bridge crane isometric 12 Steel bridge crane multi-view 13 Aluminum bridge crane multi-view 14 Bridge Crane Systems & Dimensional Charts 250 lb. Seismic Zone IV. For all of your work station bridge crane needs contact Gorbel. Accessories and Add-Ons to get the most out of you Shop Crane. The hoist weight allowance is 15% of the crane capacity (for example, a crane rated for 1000 pounds, allows for a 1000-pound live load plus 150 pounds for the weight of the hoist). This led to us building an additional manufacturing facility in Pell City, AL. Intelligent Lifting Devices G-Force®, Easy Arm? Tool Solutions Jibs. All Gorbel catalogs and technical brochures. capacity bridge cranes 21 - 23 2000 lb. Wright American 7.5 Ton Wire Rope Electric Hoist Trolley Bridge Crane 15,000 lbs. Manual Underhung Bridge Crane; Motorized Single Girder Underhung Crane; Crane Runways. I-beam jib cranes are available in manual or motorized rotation are available from Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor, which is a Gorbel distributor/dealer with over 50 years experience in material handling solutions.

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