A government shutdown is when non-essential discretionary federal programs close. Release of the figures was delayed by the partial shutdown …

It affects a large number of federal employees, not including military personnel and necessary staff. PRODUCTION, COMMERCE, GOVERNMENT the act or process of ending the operations of a business, system, industry, etc., either temporarily or permanently: The stock market has just resumed trading after a two-week shutdown. This occurs when Congress cannot resolve budget disagreements for the upcoming fiscal year and stops all but essential federal services.

It occurs when Congress fails to appropriate funds or the president doesn’t sign the appropriations bills.

In the normal budget process , Congress passes appropriations bills and the president signs them by Sep. 30 for the following fiscal year, which begins on Oct. 1. The shutdown continues until the government is able to negotiate a new budget bill. A government shutdown happens when nonessential government offices can no longer remain open due to lack of funding.